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20 amazing accessories that will take you to the East

De Oriente para el mundo estos increíbles accesorios que se han puesto de moda

“Wherever you go, do what you see,” says the old saying, but there are times when customs transcend places and borders, for example, these incredible accessories that came from the mystical world from the East to the West to make us look prettier.

Decorating the body is a custom in countries like India and its magical roots have reached these horizons to give a sensual, enigmatic and different touch. These accessories go beyond the usual, but it is true that they enhance feminine beauty. It also seems that there is an accessory for each body part.

Like this for the head

Young man with accessory on his head.

Or these ankle accessories

Accessory for the ankle.

Accessory in the ankle.

To show off the abdomen

Accessory for the abdomen.

Oriental culture has always been a source of inspiration

Back accessory.

Shoulder accessory.

Combine accessories with textures with plain garments and vice versa

Accessories arms and neck.

Temptation legs

Accessory for the leg.

Leg accessories.

An oriental accessory for each body part



Wearing your hands also has its charm

Accessory for arm and hand.

Accessories for the hands.

These tiaras will make you feel like a princess

Tiara for hair.

Tiara for hair.

Fashion beyond the West

Girl on the beach, using accessories.

Head accessories

And more accessories to inspire you to look like an oriental princess

Accessories for the hands.

Hair accessory