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19 Easy and fast hairstyles you can do in minutes

19 Peinados que puedes hacerte en 5 minutos ¡Perfectos para la falta de tiempo!

During the morning you are tired, and you really prefer to be in your bed more than anywhere else. Still, you get up, you prepare breakfast, you brush your teeth, you dress, and your hair, who has time to fix your hair?

It's almost time to go to work or school and you only have 5 minutes to be ready and conquer the day. What should a girl do? Well here are some ideas that can facilitate that work. It's time for your hair to look beautiful.

1. Chongo rolled

Girl getting a double chongo hairstyle in her hair

2. French braid held up

Woman getting a braid hairstyle with braid

3. Triple spiral in ponytail

Girl with a ponytail hairstyle tied at the back of the neck

4. Crepe in half tail

Girl combing another with a crepe and a medium tail

5. Curls in short hair

Short hair woman with a wave hairstyle made with a clip

6. Chongo side

Woman doing a blonde chongo on the side of a blonde girl

7. Medium chongo

8. Textures like waves

Short hair girl doing her hair in a wave textured hairstyle

9. Fishtail braid

10. Hair bun and loose hair

Girl combing her hair with a half-tailed bun at the back of her head

11. The super long ponytail

Girl with a double ponytail hairstyle

12. Half a ponytail in a bug

Girl getting a medium chongo hairstyle on her head

13. Outdoor drying

Girl with wet hair putting on muse and drying it

14. Double Knot

Girl doing a double knot hairstyle with her hair ponytail

15. Twisted forming a crown

Girl with a pigtail and braids hairstyle

16. Combination of braid and collected

Girl with a hairstyle of two braids that are finally tied in a chongo

17. Twisted French

Girl getting a french chongo hairstyle

18. Bun in chongo

Girl getting a bun hairstyle on her head in the form of a bun

19. Ponytail over shoulder

Girl with red hair doing a side-tail hairstyle