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16 Nails to be the center of attention at the university

16 Sencillos diseños de uñas para renovar tu look universitario

University is a stage in which we want to make a good impression. We have already passed our facet as a girl who does not care about anything (nor her appearance) and now we are more aware of our appearance and we want to dazzle.

If you have no idea how to turn your look, These simple yet elegant nail designs will inspire you and increase your safety in the classroom.

1. Gradient effect on the whole hand

Manicure; long nails of different shades of purple, gradient

2. Use subtle colors

Manicure; Almond nails gradient pink to blue

3. A different nail gives a distinctive touch

Manicure; wine colored almond nails with marble design

4. Solid colors will never go out of style

Manicure; matte olive green pointed nails

5. Marble screams: elegance!

Manicure; pink almond nails with marble design

6. Let art be your inspiration

Manicure; flesh colored nails with Picasso style face drawing design

7. Gothic girls also care about their look

Manicure; Gothic long black nails with thin lines and marble design

8. Gradient with smoke effect

Manicure; king blue almond nails with smoke effect

9. We are obsessed with this color!

Manicure; wine colored almond nails

10. Draw attention with a vibrant yellow

Manicure; Canary yellow and pale pink almond nails with horizontal and vertical lines

11. The almond shape is in fashion

Manicure; almond nails black gradient color

12. Don't be afraid to experiment with textures

Manicure; almond nails with flowers and rock texture

13. Are you a girl boho?

Manicure; Boho style almond nails with skulls, arrows, feathers and flowers

14. The perfect balance between colorful and discreet

Manicure; almond nails with colorful marble design

15. Beautiful and misunderstood animals

Manicure; almond nails with snake design

16. Conquer the university with your chic style!

Manicure; almond nails with animal print