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+150 Nail Designs for Easy and Pretty Girls 【2019】

+150 Nail Designs for Easy and Pretty Girls 【2019】

Women since we are girls want to paint our nails because we like to copy our mother, aunt or grandmother that we always see them so flirtatious and beautiful.

But since nail art became so popular today, more and more nail designs for girls They take greater note that many of them want to have their fingers personalized with different motives.

In this article you will be able to find nail decoration for girls who want to wear their favorite cartoon character on their fingernails or those that like hearts, funny faces, monsters, butterflies, birds, fairies, animals such as dogs, bears , cats, cow among many others.

The ears of Minnie Mouse painted on each nail where it gives a touch to girls very feminine and adult as they want to be playing.

The shapes of painted fruits do not lose their mischief where the colors flow and with great intensity offer new entertainment to the fingers of the hand.

If you are a father or a mother who is very detailed about what your daughter puts in her hands, you probably asked yourself the question once if

In this guide of nail designs for girls you will find:

Frequent questions: Is it healthy to paint your nails when you are girls? – What enamels should be used to paint a girl's nails? – At what age can a girl's nails be painted?

Videos: Emoji Nail Decoration for Girls – Minnie Mouse Nail Decoration – Unicorn Nail Decoration

Nail Designs for Easy Girls Step by Step

Nail Decoration for Girls: Clouds – Cupcakes – Animal Print – Hearts – Flowers – Bear – Watermelon – Frog – Rainbow – Bubbles

Is it healthy to paint your nails when you are girls?

Whenever you take the pertinent precautions on what type of nail polish you use it can be used as long as it is considered to be a game during a special day with parents.

It happened to me that when my daughters asked me to paint their nails with enamel, I did not see it badly, but the father really did not like the idea and we began to investigate the effects that can cause health problems for a girl who puts on enamel.

And the main problem is the components by which they are made so you always have to use nail polish marks that are recognized.

The big problem of why pediatricians do not advise since using small nail polish is because it can affect the growth and development of the child if she eats her nails.

This was the case of one of my daughters who ate her nails and wished to paint herself to play the beauty salon.

That is why it is necessary to understand that it must be supervised by the parents since it can be on the one hand that eats the nails and damages their health, or the use of enamels that are less aggressive in their chemical composition.

But the reality that your daughter wants to imitate the mother getting older and always a game is not bad.

It's like when she puts on her mother's shoes so she can look like her, she's playing and that's fine.

What is wrong is to paint the nails of little ones to go for a walk, a birthday or go to school since you still do not have the age to understand that touch of beauty in which as I mentioned before it has to be once a year to paint and not daily.

Remember that while it is a game you can wear from your necklaces to your shoes, want to put on makeup in front of a mirror and use a lipstick because you are the reference and see that you are very flirtatious.

Painting your nails should be like a game to dress up, you have to make them understand that they are playing and that when they go to sleep it is important to clean themselves leaving clean, if you already explain from the beginning that begins with this need to copy you then Then you will have a beauty behavior.

What enamels should be used to paint a girl's nails?

Always try to compare the ones that are not toxic and the toilets (no smell) since the adult enamel always has a very strong smell that can hurt the nostrils.

Remember that the nail polish is chemically developed to support adult skin but not for the sensitive skin that girls have and then can bring an allergy, itching or irritation problem.

In toy shops or specialized beauty salons there are 100% enamels for girls that do not have so much chemical that it is made up of dyes and water ensuring that it is not harmful to the child's health and that it also has all the colors that fascinate her.

The enamels that girls should not use are the so-called toxic trio that are known as the ingredients toluene, dibutyl phthalate and formaldehyde.

On the one hand, toluene is a solvent that you find in gasoline or gasoline, so imagine that your little girl has that in her hands and that she ingested it if she eats her nails would be terrible.

On the other side is the formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen that will not act at the moment but may have future effects on its growth and health development.

And finally you find the dibutyl phthalate that it is prohibited by the European Union for affecting the reproductive system of women and their development, so you are already aware of the consequences.

That is why many times we fathers and mothers act out of ignorance to see our daughter smile but always take the pertinent precautions and any questions you have you can check on the website of The Environmental Working Group where all kinds of beauty products are classified according to the toxicity of their ingredients.

This does not mean that girls can not paint their nails because if so, I would never make this article, but if it is important that you know it to know what kind of ingredient and paint you put on your daughter's skin that is why I make these suggestions .

Many mothers asked me what kind of enamels they can use for their little girls or teenagers to wear that do not include those chemical compounds that do so much harm to health and that is why researching and asking dermatologists recommended me.

Non-toxic enamels: Scotch Naturals, Honeybee Gardens WaterColors, Zoya, Butter London and Piggy paint.

These brands develop nail polish that are specially developed for the skin and nail of a girl without contaminating chemical factors, if you get to know others you can name them in the comments so that all mothers are aware.

At what age can a girl's nails be painted?

Age can vary depending on each girl and each mother.

It can start at 3 years and older but the interest has to have it alone without having the direct influence of an adult.

Remember that it has to be a game and not follow fashion trends or the influence of an advertising, it is time to play make the mother that every girl always wants to follow the model and example that you are because you are her hero.

Nail Designs for Easy Girls Step by Step

I will begin by explaining the steps that are needed to be able to achieve some designs of children's decorated nails that you will surely like to have an idea and then reproduce on your little girl's nails.

Later you will also find different ideas with thematic motifs of the designs that girls of different ages are looking for and in different seasons so that you can have a variety as a source of inspiration when it comes to giving tenderness and love to the hands of your princess.

Always consider that girls' nails are smaller than those of an adult woman so you will have less space to make the drawings and you should have greater precision with the help of your model that puts your hand since it must remain still for some minutes so that the nail polish does not run.

How to make easy nail designs for girls

Here you can see how to use the yellow nail polish and a very original wall lamp that moves to make the minions that you like the most.

I design some for girls steps minions

In these seven steps he explains how you can make flowers especially the roses that are so beautiful on the nails for both adult women and girls.

I design some for girls pink steps

You can not miss the design of the cow that is very simple to do with a white base and black dots and its pink muzzle that gives a lot of tenderness.

I design some for girls cow steps

Can you imagine making a nail decoration of shoelaces, original and fun.

I design some for girls steps shoes

Stripes and abstract geometric figures can never be missing in a nail model where gold is the one who stands out the most.

I design some for girls stripes

My girl loves puzzles and I found an easy, fun and fast way to make different colors in paintings.

I design some for girls steps puzzle

I really like this bunny because it is so cute in the little animals that you can do to your daughter in four steps.

I design some for girls rabbit steps

If you like the pink color in your nails then the pig cannot be missing with some moles in different ranges and pink tones.

I design some for girls piggy

Being elegant is always very beautiful but it is best to know how to make a bun as if you had a suit and wear all the elegance for a party.

I design some for cute girls

Step by step the best fruit designs, if you look closely you can make from an apple, kiwi and watermelon among many others. It will go from being simple to very striking nails.

designs some for girls fruit steps

A small design for short nails of a very fashionable panda bear for nail art. Once you practice it you can do it fast.

designs some for girls panda steps

Nail decorated with a very beautiful giraffe that has a lot of detail but that can be an excellent idea for long nails.

designs some for girls giraffe steps

If you want to learn how to make animals step by step on your nails it is now very simple since you can see all the steps from the base to assemble the silhouette and its model with dots and dots. They are very fun and elegant.

designs for girls animal steps

Fruit models to decorate the nails and hands of girls is something they always like for their freshness and especially cheerful colors and this is the case of watermelon.

designs some for girls watermelon steps

All steps to make pink flowers with a pastel green base background.

designs some for girls steps flowers

A white polar bear with bright stones is the proposal to learn in this visual tutorial through simple steps.

we design some for girls step bears

Many times you don't have all the tools to make your nail designs but that's why you don't

designs some for girls steps points

Nails decorated with small dots in white, gray, black tones where a kind of snowfall is done with an ultra thin brush.

designs for girls snowy steps

Stickers and stripes are a good combination to make straight figures in different bright tones. It is very beautiful and can be done quietly at home.

designs some for girls thick stripes

Nail Emoji Decoration for Girls

  1. To start doing this type of design, what you should do is paint your nails with a base of pastel yellow nail polish.
  2. Let dry and give a second layer of pastel yellow hue to make it more intense, always paint the part of the cuticle towards the end of the nail.
  3. Now you should use a short handle detail brush, dottings tools and acrylic nail art paint.
  4. With the dotting and neon orange paint you make two points at each end to then make a heart on each side which would be the eyes of your emoji
  5. To make the heart is simple you just have to join the two points made with the same dotting tool that you made the two points.
  6. With black enamel paint what you have to do is the mouth which you do with the short handle detail brush, which with it serves to fill the smiling mouth.
  7. To finish use the top coat to brighten your design and protect the decoration made of your first emoji.

Now I will explain how to make another funny emoticon face for your nails.

  1. You will start by delineating the mouth with the black paint with your short-handled detail brush, then you limit the area of ​​the teeth with a black line in the middle.
  2. At the bottom you fill it with black enamel.
  3. The next step is to make two arches so that it has the shape of eyes and then on them the eyebrows in the same way but inclined more on the side of the nail.
  4. Now is the time to fill the mouth at the top with white-colored nail polish to simulate the teeth of the emoji.
  5. With the light blue enamel you have to make the tears of laughter so characteristic of this character of the chat.
  6. Now outline the tears with a shade of blue that is darker and your design will be wonderful.
  7. It is time to apply the top coat to be fixed and not lose the design of this emoji so fun.

The next happy face is very striking because she will cry from laughter much louder

  1. To start with a fine brush to make the details you do the eyes and eyebrows as I explained previously with two dark arcs.
  2. With the blue or light blue paint you have to make lines as if it were a waterfall that comes out of the eye to the tip of the nail.
  3. To make your mouth you have to do it with black enamel but this time in the form of a circle as if it were surprised.
  4. You divide it in two with a horizontal line in the middle and paint the bottom with the black paint and with white the top.
  5. With a darker shade of blue you make the edge of crying prolonged in your emoji.
  6. To finish as always I recommend the top coat for an issue that will last much longer your elaborate design.

Now this emoji is the one that winks at you and that little princesses like as well as adult women.

  1. You have to use the dotting tool with black enamel to make a circle on one side as if it were a very large eye
  2. With the detail brush you make the other eye closed as if it were a slightly more crushed arc.
  3. Now with the dotting you have to make another point but with white enamel on the previous circle filled in black, making a white mole on the black.
  4. To make the mouth you just make a smile line and with a fluo-colored nail polish you make the tongue that comes out of it.
  5. Where then you fill in the rest of the mouth and paint everything in black the filling thus highlighting the red tongue.
  6. On the white mole you have to add a black dotting

This is the last emoji that is the chocolate ice cream flake or you can think of something else that became so popular for its shape.

  1. For this you will have to use brown enamel making the base and fill it with your detail brush
  2. You do the same as before but narrower to make the shape but encompassed as if it were a pyramid.
  3. The top has to be pointed, you can be guided with an image in case you have any questions.
  4. Once it dries you have to make the mouth and eyes with white nail polish.
  5. You wait for the white nail polish to dry and now you make a small black dot on the white mole with the small brush.
  6. To finish it shine with the top coat.

Minnie Mouse nail decoration

If there is a Disney character that likes all girls, the mouse is Mickey's girlfriend, the most popular cartoon character in the world.

Its characteristic bun and ears are a symbol that can be reproduced in a nail art design for girls that you will surely like very much and then you can follow each step in this video.

Remember that you can read all the steps but also see in the YouTube videos that I was collecting so that you have a beautiful tutorial to practice and do with your daughter, goddaughter, granddaughter or niece who wants to paint her nails in a fun and entertaining way .

What this little mouse has is that he is a very fashionable character and he always likes to be in fashion although his white polka dot dress can always be seen with that background red color and it is the one that we are going to reproduce in the nails.

You can do it in one or several, try not to overload with the same drawing as it can saturate the hand of shades.

  1. You start makeup your nails with a nude color and you have to clarify it so that it facilitates you then the realization of the Minnie Mouse design.
  2. With the dotting tool you start applying acrylic paint in a semi-circle manner which has to have skin color very similar to the base tone but you will realize that it is somewhat brighter. Apply to the middle part starting at the end of the nail on the opposite side of the cuticle.
  3. Wait for the nude acrylic paint to dry and start applying black acrylic nail polish with your detail brush which has to have small, fine hairs to make the outline of the mouse face.
  4. When you finish with a lot of patience, make a line on the face to limit the expression of the eyes
  5. With a thin dotting tool and white acrylic nail polish you should make the eyes which you can be guided by the video or with any image you have of Minnie.
  6. The nose of the mouse has to be done with a thin dotting with black acrylic enamel.
  7. The mouth is made with the detail brush which should only be seen at the corner
  8. With the dotting you have to make the eyes with a black dot
  9. You arrived at the moment of the bun that you have to use acrylic colored nail polish, to do it you have to do the center with a circle and then with the same dotting the part of the knot.
  10. Now you let the red paint dry while doing the characteristic circular ear of Minnie with black enamel.
  11. To make the white polka dots of the bun, wait for the red paint to dry and then apply with only dots with the dotting and outline with black paint.
  12. Finally make part of the other ear on the bun and you can paint with a small eyeliner the three tabs
  13. It ends with a nail clipper which prevents the decoration from being ruined and lasts longer for the girl.

As I explained before you must make the character on a single nail so as not to overload colors then on the other nails you can paint red and only make it white polka dots, starting a row in the middle of moles and then at the sides.

Nail designs for Girls of Hearts, Flowers, Rainbow, Bubbles, Frog, Cupcake, Clouds, Bears and Watermelon

Until now I was explaining how to make nail decoration but with nail arts tools which are not so expensive to obtain but many times you do not have the tools at hand.

And especially if you do not take the decoration as something professional for which I will teach you how to make all these designs that every girl likes because it gives a touch of fashion and chic at hand.

No doubt these designs can be made by both small and larger when you want to give a youthful touch on your nails.

It's never too late to have fun and take out the girl you have inside.

The flat brush is the typical nail brush that brings any type of nail polish you buy.

It helps a lot if you want to make a thick stroke and especially to make a base on the nail so it is ideal to paint your nails in a simple and fast way.

Then you can get nail brushes that are rounder and thinner so it is ideal for making more detailed strokes and are ideal for the nail art that you want to do without tools.

Depending on the brand of each enamel, the brush will be different, which is why it is always better first to make fine lines on a paper to prove what type of thickness you can make and separate to know very well the decoration you are looking for.

How to make a nail cloud design?

  1. It is really very simple what you should do with a blue enamel is to paint your nail first to leave a base of the sky.
  2. Then you have to make small moles next to each other to make the clouds with white enamel.
  3. Gently support the brush to make the desired effect but also leave space between the clouds.

If you wish you can add stars, a sun, the moon or any fancy decoration that you like so that the nails look beautiful and beautiful.

How to make a cupcake design for nails?

These famous mini cakes that all children want to have on their birthday now you can carry in your hands to always look a festive way.

  1. The base of the cupcake has to be painted red enamel at the end of the nail
  2. Once the red acrylic enamel dries you can make some pink vertical lines on it.
  3. To make the cupcake cream what you have to do like the clouds, apply the brush making points but larger on the red base.
  4. Finally, you add the cherry on the top near the cuticle and inside the white enamel once it is dry you can make some decoration with turquoise with small dots.

Always remember to finally apply enamel fixer so that your design will last much longer.

Also, if it lasts longer on your nails, your child will take even more care of her hands and will not eat her nails, nor will she get dirty as she will feel very elegant and beautiful in front of her friends.

How to make an animal print decoration for nails?

  1. To start, paint with a pink base that for me is the best combination I could try and see.
  2. Then with an orange glaze you have to make the spots that the leopard has and you delineate it with a black nail paint around each stain.

This design is adorable if you like animals very much and want to look like them.

How to make nails decorated with hearts?

Ideal for princesses and romantics who likes to decorate their fingers with heart at each costume party.

Each style depends on the personality of each girl, remember that some like to play mom, others like fantasy but there is always a time to be together.

This is very simple and easy is another way to make hearts in nail art.

  1. First I recommend putting a nude color base by drawing two curves from the outside of the nail towards the center as if it were a love heart
  2. Let dry and then apply the same process with the color red.

I always recommend practicing before on a sheet of paper simulating the size of the nail.

Keep in mind that since they are nail designs for girls you have to be a distance of small length which you practice with those models since a nail art for an adult woman with very long nails is not the same as for short nails.

How to make nails decorated with flowers for girls?

This is the moment of flowers that girls like so much when spring begins and the flower party is held many times.

  1. To start you can make a base with a wide brush of light blue color.
  2. With small white lines as if it were a star you make the petals of the flower.

The amount of flowers that you have to put in this case is 3 giving rise but you can also depending on the distance and the size of the flower two or a large one that depends as you like.

If you want your flower to be a daisy then you can put an orange or yellow dot, it will just look great as if you were a professional manicure.

How to make nail designs of a tender bear for girls?

  1. You have to start by making two points with brown paint as if they were your ears.
  2. Then at the end of the nail you paint a circular half filled with the same color as if it were the face.
  3. Once the brown is dry you have to use a lighter shade and make the snout inside the half circle and a point on each ear.
  4. With the black enamel you make a point at the top of the snout to make the nose and eyes on each side.

It is certainly a very cute little animal that every little girl will want to have and remember her teddy bear.

How to make nail designs for a watermelon?

  1. Start painting your nail with a dark red for the base which you already begin to give the first shade for your fruit.
  2. Paint a strip at the end of the nail with white nail polish.
  3. Once you verify that it is dry you apply a green tone on the white stripe leaving a white top line uncovered.
  4. With the black enamel brush you make a few points in the smooth part of the red tone and ready the watermelon shape you have it finished as if you were a professional manicure.

As you will realize, nail art is essential practice, patience and creativity.

Always a photo can serve you with something decorative that you think is very beautiful to carry in your hands.

For example, recently I made different decorations on my daughter's nails with drawings of kittens, chicks, bunnies, ice cream, strawberries, sweets, cartoon characters, cartoon cartoons that you always see on television and the best thing that was without having the necessary accessories whereby creativity and inventiveness must always be present.

Looking for attractive drawings that you like and find beautiful, leaving a nice memory of childhood.

How to make nail decoration of a frog?

This animal makes it very simple considering that this animal is always represented by a childlike drawing such as the Frog Pepe, the Frog of the Muppets among many others.

  1. You have to choose a green enamel and the first thing you have to do is the two eyes with two circles on each side of the ends of the nail.
  2. Then you make the face with a larger circle from the end of the nail joining the two points of the eyes and then let it dry.
  3. Once dry with white nail polish, you make two circles inside the moles that you made your eyes.
  4. With black nail polish you have to make the mouth with a thin line which you should not press the brush and then with a small dot you make the iris of the eye.

How to make nail decoration of a rainbow for girl?

Since the unicorns and rainbows became fashionable more and more girls want to have their birthday themed with cakes, decoration and now it's time for nails.

  1. To begin, I recommend that you buy the seven colors of the rainbow to put with your nail polish each tone in a line next to the other vertically.
  2. The base of the nail has to be a neutral color so that the rainbow makes more sense which I recommend you do on one or two fingers no more than that.
  3. You can make the lines from highest to lowest or of the same height all depending on the creativity and design you want to put.

How to make nail decoration with bubbles?

  1. You have to pass an enamel base that you don't have to let dry but stay wet
  2. With another color or shade of nail polish you add rubber-like moles that you will see as they expand which will give an effect to bubbles

All these nail designs for girls can also be done on the feet with paint or apply gel nails since it is very easy and simple although it depends although the girl's age depends a lot.

Unicorn nail decoration

A friend of mine saw him having the unicorn design on one of his nails and I asked him how he made it so simple and I watch the following YouTube video.

With which he understood very well how to do it following the steps but for that I will comment on how I did it and how beautiful it is so that all my friends then ask how they are made, you can read it in this article.

  1. As a first step you will apply a white base on the nail that you want to make your unicorn
  2. The next step is with a detail brush and black paint you will make the ears as if it were a triangle not closed at the bottom.
  3. With the help of a dotting tool you will make two circles that will be the eyes at the different ends of the nail you have as an alternative to use only a drop of enamel.
  4. The inner part of the ears you have to paint with light pink again making another filled triangle.
  5. Between the ears and the eyes begin to make small flowers for that you have to make a very small point of pink and white next to each other and mix by combining in a circular way.
  6. To make the unicorn eyelashes you have to do with the detail brush three curved lines that come out of the eyes.
  7. It is time to realize the inner part of the eyes that for that what you have to do is white mole inside the black and then another smaller point to represent the tender look of the unicorn or horse
  8. With the top coat you finish the children's nail art.
  9. But as a detail, if you wish, you can glue an oval shiny stone to represent the horn so characteristic of this mythological and fantasy animal.

Images of Nail Designs For Easy Little Girls


design some with pigs

You can practice your designs on bottles before applying on the nails to be sure of what you do and have greater precision. (It is also a good way to decorate a beautiful element for the home)

Cat designs, note that the cat can be made in gel nails too.

design some with cats

little faces

design some with faces


design some with sparks


I design some with tape

Footprints. To make your nail look beautiful, you can use the file a little to shape it.

design some with footprints

little birds

I design some with little birds

Puedes hacerte la mejor pedicure haciendo estas figuras en las uñas del pie para el verano donde se usa sandalias es algo maravilloso que le gusta a los más pequeños.


diseno unas con pollito

Decoración de Uñas Navideñas para Niñas

Para este caso en navidad muchas chicas quieren lucir sus uñas muy bonitas y decorativas con colores temáticos navideños como puede ser el negro, rojo y blanco.

Puedes utilizar para esto esmaltes no tóxicos o bien diseños con un pegamento adhesivo para pegar en la uña.

diseno unas navidad

diseno unas navidad

Las pequeñas princesas aman esta fecha por la festividad por que puedes hacer desde arboles navideños, bolas decorativas, renos, regalos, santa claus y cientos de motivos que transmiten alegría y amor en este arte tan bonito.

Uñas cortas decoradas para niñas

Esta es una pregunta que me hacen ya que rara vez veremos una niña pequeña que tenga las uñas muy largas por lo cual todo tipo de modelo o figura que encuentres en este articulo puedes estar segura que se pueden realizar en uñas cortas.

Por lo cual comienza a obtener ideas y piensa como quieres que se vea la mano de tu hija para hacer un dibujo original, divertido y sobre todo entretenido para que todo sea un juego entre madre e hija en base al nailart

Nunca descuides los pies!

aunque a las pequeñas princesas les gusta verse las manos decoradas, los pies en época de verano es un factor crucial para estar arreglada y mostrarle a las amigas, principalmente por que se utiliza calzado descubierto y ademas es la temporada de piscina por el calor.

Intenta buscar diseños simples nada complicados al principio puedes compartir también en facebook o en twitter los que a ti te gustan.

O buscar nuevos diseños en pinterest o instagram que existe una amplia variedad aunque no tanto para niñas generalmente por lo cual te puedes ayudar basando en personajes de Disney que nunca fallan desde princesas hasta dibujos animados femeninos.

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