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15 types of sandals you need to buy right now

15 tipos de sandalias que necesitas comprar ahora mismo

The arrival of spring is the ideal pretext for your feet to enjoy being outdoors, and what better way to do it than wearing sandals. Although there are many types, the style you should choose depends entirely on the outfit that you will use, your personality and taste.

So if you are thinking of buying sandals to enjoy spring, here we show you a few models that will serve as inspiration. These are 15 types of sandals that you need to buy right now.

1. Gladiators

Girl wearing gladiator sandals

Gladiators are ideal to wear with a outfit Cool and casual.

2. Metallic

Girl wearing a dress and metallic sandals

If you want to shine, metallic sandals are ideal for you.

3. White

Girl wearing white sandals with a dress of the same color

Sandals in this color should never be missing in your wardrobe, they are so versatile that you can wear them with a dress, shorts or pants of any color.

4. Platform

Girl wearing platform sandals

If your heels get tired too fast, don't worry, platform sandals arrived to save you. Besides that they will make your feet look more stylized, they will give you comfort throughout the day.

5. Heel

Girl wearing a classic heeled sandals

This type of sandals is essential in any wardrobe because you can use them in a formal event, to go to work or when you want to look seductive.

6. Classic

girl wearing a classic sandals

Yes, we are talking about sandals that can go between the fingers or those that do not have ties. Best of all, they are so comfortable that you can walk all day and feel freer than ever.

7. Flatforms

Girl wearing platform sandals

If you want a look more relaxed, the flatforms They have a completely flat platform thanks to their Japanese influence. It is certainly a very fun option.

8. Mules

Girl wearing mule sandals

Free your feet without losing style with fantastic mules This type of sandals does not have ankle ties, so you will wear fantastic legs.

9. Multistrap

Girl wearing Multi Strap sandals in black

The strips of this type of model will make your feet envied. The multistrap They shorten your legs, so they are ideal for when you want to give more proportion to your body.

10. Wadge or wedge sandals

Girl wearing wedge sandals

Their triangular shape makes them a different model from the platforms. The ones with floral designs are the ones you will love.

eleven. Miniwadge

Mini Wedge sandals

If the models wadge you like them but you fear wearing heels, the mini model is perfect for you. They are simple, but at the same time very comfortable.

12. Flip flops

Girl wearing flip flops style sandals

These sandals are perfect if you are a comfort lover.

13. Birkenstock

Girl wearing a cork sandals

Cork sandals are simple and comfortable. Ideal for use with a look loose, shorts or fishermen

14. Swedish

Girl wearing Swedish style sandals

If you like high heels and modern, Swedes can be perfect for you. Its rustic touch is ideal to wear with jeans.

fifteen. Throw up

Girl wearing lance up sandals

If you want to look versatile, then the sandals throw up they're for you. You can tie them up to the knee, at heel height or, if you prefer, mid calf. They can be adapted to any type of outfit.