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15 Tricks that all curly hair girls will love

Trucos sencillos para lucir unos rizos impecables

Curly hair is very attractive and never goes out of style, although it is a bit difficult to master, so taking care of it, combing it and giving it the right treatment can be more complicated than with straight hair. Although many women end up being able to improve their modeling a bit more, it is not necessary to reach that extreme.

It may take a little time until you find the right products and techniques for your type of curl, but in the end, we assure you that every effort will be worth it. For now, we present these tricks that will help you wear impeccable curls.

1. Detangle hair with a wide tooth comb

comb brush

Preferably, do it after applying conditioner to make it easier.

2. Cover the sink with plastic before untangling your hair

plastic covered sink

No more clogged pipes.

3. Instead of a towel, dry your hair with a cotton shirt

girl drying her hair with shirt

The softness of the shirt helps to maintain the moisture and shape of your curls.

4. When you brush your hair, start at the ends and gradually climb to the root

curly hair with brush

This makes it easier to undo the knots and you will mistreat your curls less.

5. Try using a satin cover or cap

curly hair girl sleeps on satin sheath

It will help the hair not to get so entangled because it will have less friction than with cotton.

6. If you are going to use a dryer, use an air diffuser

woman drying hair with diffuser

To conserve your curls while avoiding frizz

7. Apply the conditioner before showering

girl with bathing cap

If you can, use a shower cap and wash your body first before cleaning your hair. The steam in the shower will help hydrate the curls.

8. Mix a small amount of sulfate-free shampoo with a generous amount of balm

hand with conditioners

To create your own conditioner-cleanser that washes your hair and moisturizes it at the same time.

9. Cool your curls the day after washing

curl mix

To revive them, sprinkle on the tips a mixture of water with conditioner without rinsing in equal parts and stylize as usual.

10. The ‘pineapple technique’

girl with her hair pulled up

To preserve the curls and avoid frizz, after drying it, take your hair and make a loose knot at the top of your head.

11. Conditioning mix with foam or modeling cream

hand with styling foam

This will hydrate your hair and maintain the shape of the curls.

12. Brittle curls are prevented with oil

woman applying oil on hair

Apply a bit of mousse or modeling cream on roots and ends, then seal your hair with a little oil that you will apply only on the tips.

13. Apply a deep conditioning treatment before exercising

tennis and hair cream

The heat that your body produces while doing sports will help soften the hair. After your workout rinse the product and wash as normal.

14. Separate the hair into sections and roll them before bed

girl separates hair into sections

When you wake up you will have soft natural waves.

15. For greater volume at the roots, use plastic tweezers

woman with plastic tweezers in her hair

Separate into small sections and collect the hair with tweezers to add volume from the base.