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15 Tricks for bright nails that only experts know

Trucos para las uñas que solo los expertos saben

Keeping some nails taken care of can be a challenge. Not only is it enough to have a nice color on them, you also have to know and master a few techniques to keep your nails strong, healthy and with an enviable appearance.

If you still do not consider yourself an expert in the care of your nails, here we will show you a few tricks that only experts know. This will make sure you have the most beautiful nails. All the girls will envy you.

1. Use almond oil on the cuticle every day

Girl's nails soaked in almond oil

It is important that you keep your cuticles hydrated so that you do not suffer from the annoying pieces of skin that come off your fingers.

2. Add vitamins to your diet

Girl holding some vitamins

When you take vitamins, your nails get stronger and thus prevent them from breaking easily. Another benefit is that your hair will grow and your skin will look brighter and smoother.

3. Clean your nails with vinegar before applying the polish

Girl putting vinegar on her nails

With this trick you will minimize the times you have to touch up your nails.

4. Eat fish

Fish dish prepared with butter

Eating fish like salmon will help you get all the necessary proteins to make your nails grow stronger. If you are one of the girls who do not love fish then you can replace it with egg to get the necessary nutrients.

5. Prevent your nails from breaking so easily

Step by step trick to prevent a nail from breaking

If you are the type of girl who constantly suffers because her nails are broken, the solution is very simple. Glue a piece of tea bag over the cracks to repair the damage and add some strength.

6. Make your own templates with adhesive tape

Nail templates made with adhesive tape

You just have to cut the tape with the way you like and place it on your nails. Remember that you have to take them off when the enamel is completely dry.

7. Learn the proper way to apply enamel

Explanation of how to paint nails properly

Start by painting 3/4 on the way down the nail, and then just above the cuticle. Then take the brush to the tip of the nail before filling the sides.

8. Do you want a matte enamel?

How to create a matte enamel with cornstarch

You just have to add a little corn starch to your transparent enamel or mix your colored glaze directly with the starch and that's it.

9. Achieve the perfect gradient for your nails

Nail gradient made with a sponge brush

Dip a sponge-tipped eye shadow brush in three different shades of enamel, then remove the excess enamel and with the sponge give small blows on the nail.

10. Liquid latex is your best friend

Liquid latex to apply on nails

Apply liquid latex around the perimeter of the nail. Latex will act as a barrier to prevent nail polish from staining your skin. Then remove the latex and eliminate all the mistakes you made in the process.

11. Use cooking spray oil to fix your manicure

Cooking oil applied to nails

Spray a light layer of spray oil to brighten your nails and protect them from annoying spots.

12. Use lace as a design tool

Nails with lace

You can use any type of lace for this. You can even use small pieces of your old underwear and they will be perfect with your nails.

13. Naturally whiten your nails

Nails soaked in hot water with lemon to bleach

If you use a large amount of enamel, you may notice that your nails develop a yellowish tint. To combat this, just mix hot water, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and lemon. Let them soak for about two minutes, so you will make your nails instantly white.

14. Can't you open a bottle of enamel?

How to open an enamel bottle with elastic bands

Wrap an elastic band around the bottle. The pressure will make the lid loosen and easier to open.

15. Create the perfect cleaning tool

Sticks with cottons for cleaning

Use a small cotton ball and a toothpick, then create a kind of stick and dip it in acetone. This tool will help you eliminate all excesses.