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15 steps to make your beauty routine more fun

15 Pasos para hacer tu rutina de belleza más divertida; es momento de estrenar nuevo look

If you ever heard your grandmother say that there was no better hair product than a mayonnaise mask with egg and endless natural remedies that seemed most disgusting to you, or you simply doubted her efficiency, you will be surprised to know that she had a lot reason.

Some natural foods and ingredients in our kitchen may be the allies we have been looking for for those beauty problems: eliminate the frizz, strengthen the nails and even get rid of the annoying bars. Now, with the help of technology, the Internet has been filled with all kinds of beauty tips and we have selected those that can adapt to your beauty routine without spending a single penny.

one. Bye byeimpurities

Girl wearing mask

Mix toothpaste with baking soda in equal parts, until you get a homogeneous mixture. With the help of a new toothbrush, rub the paste on your chin, nose and forehead for a few minutes. Remove with cold water. Repeat the procedure every third day.

2. Eyelash augmentation by 3… 2… 1…

big eyelashes

Mix in a bowl equal parts castor, almond, avocado or mamey and olive oils, and daily remove your eyelashes with it. Before bed, apply a drop on the top line of your eyelashes.

3. Fleshy lips

girl using fork

With the help of a fork, lightly massage your lips. This will increase blood circulation and make them look more fleshy.

4. Waves that fall in love

Get masking tape and cut it into pieces of the same size. Fold the adhesive part inwards and then use them as curling irons. Sleep with them for one night and you will have beautiful curls in the morning.

5. Lips and nails of the same tone

Most girls love to combine the tone of their lips with that of their nails. But if you don't have a nail polish of the same shade on hand? Then use lipstick. Apply it on each nail and cover with a protective layer of crystal enamel.

6. Looks that impact

eye mascara

girl wearing mascara

If you are on a date and your makeup is ruined and you only wear mascara on your purse, use it as an eyeliner to recover your look.

7. Forget the stains

girl with clear armpits

There are products for men that are so good that women can also use them. For example, dark underarm spots can be easily bleached using Nivea Men Dark Spot Reduction Creme for men.

8. Ponytails perfect

girl with long hair

If you want your ponytail to look perfect, use two hairpins under it.

9. Dress your hair

girl using toothbrush

If you want an impeccable braid, but your hair sticks out, apply some hair wax and comb it with a toothbrush.

10. Cat eye without errors


Use a fork as a guide. Apply liquid eyeliner on the edge of the pin and press it on your skin. Line the inside and draw a line over the arch of your eyelid.

11. Instant eyelash curling

curly eyelashes

Take your eyelash curler and heat it with a hair dryer. Let it cool a little, and use it as usual.

12. No more stains

girl using spoon

Applying the mascara always leaves spots. Use a clean plastic spoon to cover your eyelids and avoid a disaster of the make up.

13. Manicures without going to the beauty salon

nail polish

Do you want to get the perfect DIY French manicure? Use an elastic band and cover your nails with it, leaving the free tip for a different color.

14. Unique lipsticks

lipstick tutorial

lipstick tutorial

Turn your nephews' colored pencils into balms. Mix them with coconut oil or any other natural oil and apply it on your lips.

15. No more shine

girl smiling

Use pieces of Chinese paper to wipe off the excess oil from your face without removing your makeup. They act in the same way as rice paper.