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15 Situations that short-haired girls will never live

15 Situaciones que las mujeres de cabello corto no entenderán

Long hair is beautiful, you can comb it in different ways, dye it and set it free to fly with the wind.

Every day we live a great fight by brushing it to look beautiful, but if you are one of the girls who have always had short hair then you have no idea of ​​what we mean. These are 15 photos that short hair women will never understand.

1. A little conditioner is not enough

People who use conditioner

2. A minute of silence for this fallen hero

Brush halved

3. Sometimes it's not good to let it fly free

Girl with hair on her face

4. Always get tangled up in everything

Girl with her hair stuck in the carriage glass

5. Combing it requires a lot of value

Girl trying to untangle her hair

6. That's how you feel when you're not ready to dry it

Meme okchicas

7. Because this misfortune can happen

Hair of a girl stuck in the dryer

8. You always have an army of brooches

Hair pins in bed

9. Dyeing is not cheap

Girl with aluminum in her hair

10. If you ever collect everyone who falls, it would be something like this

Girl holding a ball of hair in her hand

11. These are your war marks

Hand of a girl with the marked league

12. Because of this, you hate rubberized lenses

Hair of a girl tangled in glasses

13. This is your everyday battle

Girl with tangled hair in the garter

14. Your hair is always left with marks

Before and after a girl with braided hair

15. Still, you love him because he is simply fabulous

GIF Girl showing her hair