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15 simple hairstyles to keep your curls controlled

15 Sencillos peinados para mantener tus rizos controlados y con mucho estilo

If you have thought it is torture to have curly hair, you are very wrong. The natural volume is a plus in your favor; Thanks to him, your hair has a superior movement and shine, something quite difficult to achieve with other types of hair textures.

If your hair is curly and you are tired of wearing it loose, it is the right time to change your look. Contrary to what you might think, there are endless hairstyles that range from romantic, wild, bohemian to the most loaded of glamor, making your hair your most beautiful natural accessory.

If your curly mane seems uncontrollable …

girl hiding her hair

1. It's time to comb it in pineapple style

ornate girl in her own hand

2. Mohicans with perfect for short hair

girl with moicano in her hair

3. Three brooches and half ponytail for a look casual

girl with half pigtail

4. Natural and controlled with a little cream antifrizz

girl with red hair

5. The cuts bob they give you a perfect option to wear it loose

Beyoncé smiling

6. Twisted to the side

side braid

7. A classic ponytail with relaxed curls

girl with high ponytail

8. With a bun to the center and decorated on the sides

girl with bum hairstyle

9. A disheveled ponytail to go to school

girl combing a pigtail

10. Two mini-cases with bun

girl touching her own shoulder

11. With small crooked and collected in ponytail

hairstyle d woman with side braids

12. A headband braided in front to look tender

hairstyle with braid in front

13. Picked low for a sweet appearance

Hair collected

14. Twisted and loose low to create a double effect

girl combing a braid

15. Picked up and bulky to look elegant

girl with curly hair combing

It's time to show off your hair!

girl combing her hair