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15 ridiculous trends of the nineties that we still love

Ridículas tendencias de los 90's que seguimos amando y usando

The fashions of the 90’s forever changed the way we fix ourselves, from super thin eyebrows to exaggerated flared jeans.

But even with seeing the old pictures of those ridiculous hairstyles and makeup, in 2016 they may not look so bad if we think about it a bit more and compare it; and it is that the best and most shameful of the 90’s reached us. Therefore, these are the 15 trends that you may still love and you die to try again.

1. The "horns" was the most in in the 90’s

blond girl with thin strands on her forehead

But that's how cute they look now

white girl black hair with two hair strips on her forehead

2. The brown lipstick

15riding 90's trends but we love

And its 2016 version

white woman black hair

3. The body gel with Britney style glitter

blonde woman with pink top and glitters on the body

But strobbing and bronzing powders replaced it

blonde woman with glitter and glitters on the body

4. A pair of small brooches on the forehead

brunette girl with brooches on her forehead

That maybe now they look better on one side

blonde girl with brooches on the sides

5. These braids attached to the helmet

blond woman with braids on the crown

That's how they look now; and between longer more beautiful

blond girl with braids stuck to the crown

6. The extremely blue eye shadow

blonde woman with blue makeup on her eyes

We have mastered this trend perfectly

blonde curly hair girl with blue makeup

8. The little chonguitos in the crown

girl with little chingos on the crown

Now they look better if you make them rolled braids

blond woman with small chongos on the crown

9. When you combed your crunchy hair

blond woman with broken hair

Now you love those little troubled waves

woman with broken blond hair

10. Loose hair with different types of long braids

brown hair girl with long hair and wine makeup

A style that later came into our life as "boho-chic"

blonde woman with chinese hair and braids

11. The high horsetail or "fountain"

blond woman with tall chongo talking to man

Now it looks more sophisticated without the big Mrss hair

woman with high hair tail

12. Thick braids style rasta

brunette woman with thick braids

But now in 2016 the change is big and beautiful

blonde girl with thick braids

13. Little chongos with disheveled strands

black hair woman with small chongos and tufted hair

This would be its most renewed version

blond hair girl with small hair knots

14. Temporary tattoos as Indian makeup

girl with blond hair and tattoo on her forehead

Now they still look just as adorable and magical

15riding 90's trends but we love

15. A pastel pink in your hair

white girl with pink hair

We owe the fantasy colors to the 90’s

girl with pastel pink hair