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15 problems that only straight-haired girls understand

15 Problemas que sólo las chicas con cabello lacio entenderan

They say that the neighbor's grass is always greener, but to you, curly-haired girls who crave smooth and soft hair, I can guarantee that it is not true. Straight hair is flat and without movement. We could say that ‘boring’ is the only option when it comes to a real hairstyle.

Of course, it can – and I just said ‘it can’t be easier to handle, but all women know that looking like our hair is just about science. Here we show you twelve problems faced by girls who have the long-awaited straight hair.

1. The volume does not exist

Girl with straight hair parading on a fashion runway

The worst part of having straight hair is the lack of volume. Even if it is short, it is still flat. You can try to tangle it a million times to try to model it, but 10 minutes later it will fall on your face.

2. It is usually thin

Girl sitting on the bed on her back with her hair in a braid

Naturally straight hair is fine hair, which means that, as we age, we will probably lose hair. And any attempt to curl or iron – yes, straighten hair more – accelerates this process.

3. There is no variety

girl getting straight hair with a clip

Straight hair has only one option: straight. No amount of gel, wax, hairspray, sprays or fancy curling technique will give our hair any type of wave, curl or body. Even if we try, the "curls" will inevitably die.

4. Your bathroom is full of products you only used once

bathroom with hair products

Do you remember the products that promised you perfect waves and textures? Well, you fell into those commercials, and now, after investing in those “miracle” products, they stay there, sad and alone in your bathroom so as not to be touched again.

5. We resist looking at it clean all the time

GIF of a girl screaming in a classroom

Straight hair looks clean and tidy, you can't deny that. It can be useful for a luxury event. But looking flawless on a daily basis is hateful (yes I am aware that this is definitely a strange thing to hate). I would like to have a hair that reflects what I am: a little messy, uncontrollable and definitely, not so perfect.

6. The rain is disastrous

Nicole Richie leaving the beauty salon with wet hair

Women with curly hair hate rain because it makes their hair sponge, but rainwater at least gives them some volume. To us, women with straight hair, the rain makes us look as if we were coming out of a horror movie, and we will look like this until our hair dries.

7. The wind is our worst enemy

girl with straight hair on her face thanks to the wind

When our hair mixes with the wind, straight and thin pieces somehow become subtly tangled. We must clear our face, take tangled hair and return it to its original state. It is truly unfortunate.

8. Easily tangle

straight-haired girl holding out her hands

Actually, forget the wind. Straight hair gets tangled for any reason, and you always need a brush at hand.

Everyday situations work against: putting on our jacket's cap, tying a scarf, lying on the couch, in short, all the basic activities make a bird's nest be created in our hair.

9. Be gentle = fat

GIF Kendall Jenner saying oh yeah!

Straight hair is normally smooth as silk, and therefore, women with straight hair have a bad habit of touching it throughout the day. The fingers of the hands leave grease, so they have to be prepared to wash it every day. Fashion magazines that tell us that we should only wash it every other day have not thought about situations like this.

10. We have enough static to give light to an entire building

Purple haired girl sitting on a bed drinking a cup of coffee and reading a book

Straight-haired women are more likely to experience static than curly-haired women. Static hair is created when we rub it against certain types of fabrics, but it is also a product of brushing your hair too much.

11. When our roots begin to grow it is very obvious

byonce with blond hair but with black root

Women with straight hair were lucky when this look That showed the roots became fashionable, but for those who like to have a hair of a uniform color, this means that we have to go to the beauty salon at least once a month.

12. Trying one of those tutorials hairstyles is not a good idea

girl getting a french braid vs a messy braid

You will suffer while watching how an adorable bun or braid looks and your crazy straight hair behaves like a beast that cannot be tamed.

13. Your hair stays in your clothes, in the shower, everywhere.

Girl gif saying oh please

Your hair falls out more than your dog's.

14. Using pins is a bad idea

girl with pins in her hair

They will never stay in their place, they will simply slide until they fall.

15. And finally, the marks after the ponytails!

Girl with the ponytail marked by a league

Is there anything worse than the marks after having combed with a ponytail? I do not believe it.

Extra: There will always be days when your hair will be perfect and you will still love it after all

Gif from glee santana saying she's fabulous while shaking her hair