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15 ponytail hairstyles you'll do in 15 minutes

15 Peinados con cola de caballo que harás en 15 minutos

To be honest, styling your hair is harder than you think, especially when you have run out of ideas, you don't have time to do something more elaborate and ironing or curling it hurts too much. The solution? Horsetails.

There are many ways to comb your hair with a ponytail and the best thing is that they are easy and quick to do, some will only steal five or 10 minutes. If you have no idea how to do them, here are 15 hairstyles that will make your life easier.

1. Pearls will add a sophisticated touch to your hairstyle

Girl with a ponytail hairstyle with pearls adorning her

2. Try the bubble style

Girl with a bubble ponytail

3. Complement the ponytail with braids

Girl with three braids on one side, straight hair and a low ponytail

4. Pigtail plus low braid, the ideal combination!

Girl with a low ponytail adorned with a braid

5. If you want more length, fasten it in three sections

Girl with a ponytail fastened in three sections

6. A cute and simple hairstyle

Girl with a high ponytail adorned with a gold brooch

7. A little ribbon can make a difference

Girl with a low ponytail hairstyle adorned with a bow

8. Simple but elegant

Girl with a low ponytail hairstyle adorned with a pearl brooch

9. Although it looks elaborate, it won't take more than 10 minutes to make it

Girl with a high ponytail and high pompadour

10. If your hair is thin and you want volume, try this

Girl with a bubble pigtail fastened in 4 sections

11. Tousled pigtails look fantastic

Girl with a high ponytail of curly hair

12. A scarf will add a striking touch

Girl with a medium ponytail and a bow holding her

13. Braids don't always have to go to the front

Girl with a high ponytail and a braid

14. Just mess it up a little

Girl with a low and tousled ponytail

15. Add pearls for a touch chic to you ponytail

Girl with a pigtail hairstyle adorned with pearls