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15 Nightmares with the makeup we hate in the summer

15 Problemas que solo las chicas que usan maquillaje en el verano entenderán

Hundreds of girls have asked ourselves the same thing: why can't the summer weather and makeup be friends? And you enjoy the summer and the sun with your face washed but sure that you do not melt like ice cream, or invest in makeup that in less than a few hours already ran and you will have to touch up.

So many months surviving the winter season; saving money for your vacation; the exercise routine you followed a week before going to the beach; all that effort so that at the moment of the true action in summer, your face melts like a burning candle … Sad, like the next 15 moments that every girl who loves makeup and hates the summer nightmare, can understand.

1. That season when your neck is darker than your base

woman with bad makeup

2. You try to fix it with “more tan” bases

woman with yellow makeup

3. Inevitably, you end up spending more money on makeup

gif woman with

4. You try to “seal” with powders, but it doesn't work either

woman with makeup and powder

5. Until you understand the importance of a good fixative

screenshot man and woman

6. Waterproof mascara is indispensable

woman with run mascara

7. If you carve an eye, you look worse than the Joker

8. There are tragedies and this:

melted lipstick

9. The world will think you know how to master the art of highlight

woman with illuminator

10. But in reality you shine more than a disco ball thanks to sweat

gif disco ball

11. Vaseline is the best ally for your split lips

two fingers with petroleum jelly

12. You would apply this trick for when you need double shower in one day

meme ok girls

13. You leave the disk and you just want some air

clown man at the window

14. You don't understand those people who say "who prefers heat than cold"

illustration barbie melting

15. And there are not many beauty options in summer

twitter screenshot

16. So you resign yourself to walking without makeup, even if it's not what you expect

meme ok girls