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15 makeup tips every girl should know

15 Consejos de maquillaje que toda chica debería conocer

Makeup is an art and for an average girl the best way to learn is about practice. It is always important to know the type of skin, as well as the base indicated according to the hue you have, the proper use of the correctors to blur those dark circles or pores.

Sometimes you don't need to be an expert to look like a whole doll, you just have to know those simple tricks to make your eyes look bigger or your lips with more volume. As well as those that solve some problems, such as the shadows that fall at the time of applying them. Below we will give you some tips to solve the most recurring problems when putting on makeup.

1. Enlarge your look

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<p>If you had exams or a very tired week at work, you can apply white eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger. The skin color eyeliner will make them look larger and at the same time elongated. Avoid black because your eyes will look even smaller, but intense.</p>
<h2>2. Avoid hurting yourself with a very sharp point</h2>
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When you tip them they are usually sharp and you can hurt your eyelid. To avoid it you need to pass the flame of a lighter for a few seconds and wait for it to cool before painting.

3. No more mascara with lumps

mascara for lumps without lumps

When the mask tube dries it tends to create lumps on your eyelashes, giving them a careless look. One way to avoid this is by heating the container a little, you can put it in your bra or soak it in warm water for a minute so that the paint returns to its normal consistency. But do not do it very often because the temperature rise favors an optimal environment for the growth of bacteria.

4. Achieve the cateye perfect

delineated cat eye

It is the most problematic outlined for many; To improve your technique try to do it in parts, as shown in the image. If it's definitely not your thing, you can use some tape to define the lines; With a swab clean the excesses.

5. Give more volume to your eyelashes

volume tabs

Masks that give volume can cause them to look lumpy. Instead, it is better to use a normal one with the following procedure: first curl your eyelashes, start at the base until you reach the tips; do it a couple of times until you get curvature. Then comb each tab with your mask brush; Apply with a swab a little baby powder and put it on both sides of your eyelashes. Put on a mask again and that's it.

6. The metallic look is today

metallic lips

In order not to spend on a new lipstick you can use a metallic shadow and a gloss colorless. In a small bowl, mix the powder of your shadow with the lip gloss to create that illusion of wet lips and gloss. Apply with a swab.

7. Apply the concealer the right way

correct dark circles

Then you will need a concealer in skin color. The correct way to apply it is by making a triangle in the transition between the eyelet and the cheek, in a triangular way. It should always be placed from top to bottom.

8. Dare to use a different eyeliner

eyeliners for each eye

Choose an eyeliner that is the opposite of your eye color. For blue use copper or gold; for coffee, a navy blue; For green, any violet.

9. Make your face a work of art

Something that artists do make up is to buy art brushes, just look for shapes similar to those of makeup. You can find both synthetic and animal hair and are cheaper.

10. To achieve more populated eyebrows

paint eyebrows with pencil

Nothing better than a pencil eyeliner in a tone similar to your eyebrows, you will need to comb them first and then make lines in the same direction as your hair. At the end apply gel to stay in place.

11. The countouring highlight your features

basic contouring

To get round cheekbones and a discreet jaw you will need to mark with a brown tone as it looks in the photo, a line from the forehead to the lower bone of your face and another that is born from the same place, but ends circularly to your cheek. Apply a lighter shade, as shown in the image, on the outside of the eye socket. Now take a thicker brush and begin to blur until it mixes with your base.

12. Basic shadow guide

basic shadow guide

As you can see in the image, comes the eyelid divided with letters. Step one, apply the medium colored shadow (A) on the mobile eyelid, as shown in the figure, leaving a small gap to apply the most intense shadow (C), in a kind of seven ovoidal. Now apply the intensifying tone (D) on the crease of the eyelid, in the same way, to finish with the illuminating tone (A) under the eyebrow.

13. For lips with more volume

One way to make your lips more defined and fleshy is to use a slightly darker eyeliner to the hue you will use. First mark a cross at the junction of your upper lip, then – as seen in the image – draw two parallel lines in the most prominent area of ​​your lip. Outline the entire contour, apply your lipstick and blur the strokes with a brush; Now apply lip gloss in the center to give more light.

14. For soft and moisturized lips

lip exfoliation

It is important that the exfolies from time to time to remove dead cells and thus remain soft and healthy. You can do it with a spoonful of sugar and a few drops of milk, enough so you can massage them. Make circular movements for a minute and then rinse. You can carry a moisturizing balm with you so they don't dry out.

15. Give it a boost in your eyes

tricks for tired eyes

You can apply a couple of chamomile tea bags over your eyes to relax the veins, then use a liner in the light blue tear, which has an effect that fades the red. Your look will look brighter and healthier.