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15 Makeup tips and tricks that will make your life easier

Geniales trucos de maquillaje que nadie se había atrevido a revelar ¡Los amarás!

You don't have to be a professional to wear extraordinary makeup, just use a few tricks. Although it seems complicated and it takes time to know the colors that suit you, how much you should put and how to apply cosmetics to look good, with daily practice you will speed up and perfect your makeup.

Looking good doesn't mean you have to take hours to achieve it. Once you know how to put on makeup, you can use it in your favor.

Woman in front of a mirror painting her eye

These are some tricks that you will love to know.

1. Burn the tip of the eyeliner with a lighter

Lighter burning the tip of an eyeliner and a sample eye

Grab your eyeliner pencil and with the help of a lighter place the flame on the tip for a second, let it cool a little and you will notice the change in its consistency. Also, this way the stroke is less likely to run.

2. If you want your shadows to stand out, first paint your eyelid with white eyeliner

Face of a woman outlining the eyelid with a white pencil

To make the eye shadow stand out, take a white eyeliner pencil and fill your eyelids. The opaque shade of white will make any shade color you apply more intense.

3. To make the “cat's eye” style, first draw the outline leaving an open space

4 steps to get a perfect cat outline

It is easier to achieve a "cat's eye" if you first paint the contour and then fill the interior space with a brush.

4. Use a spoon to achieve a perfect eyeliner

Use a spoon to make the literal line of the eye

Place the spoon against the outer corner of the eye and draw a straight line as for the first step of the cat's eye. Then, turn the spoon over and place it on your eyelid. Use the outer edge rounding to create a curved effect.

5. In the outer corner of the eye draw a hashtag and then blur it for a smoky effect

Face of a girl drawing a hashtag on her eyelid

To achieve a smoky eye easily, draw a symbol hashtag (#) in the outer corner of the eye and then fade it with your finger or with a brush.

6. To avoid mascara stains on your eyelids use a spoon

girl putting mascara on her eyelashes with a spoon on her eyelid

Girl painting lower lashes with a spoon underneath so as not to get dirty

Protect your eyelid with it; then paint your eyelashes as you usually do. As you apply the mascara you will see that the residue is left in the back of the spoon instead of staining your skin.

7. Add drops of saline to your mascara

Add drops of saline to your mascara

The mascara should last three months; Then it can pick up bacteria and cause eye infections. If it dries during this time, you can soften it with a couple of drops of saline.

8. Spray hot air over your eyelash curler and so they will ripple easier

Hair dryer blowing on an eyelash curler

The heat will make your eyelashes easily curl and stay curly longer. Place your clip in front of a hair dryer until it heats up, wait for it to cool a bit and then use it as usual.

9. Apply translucent powder between each layer of mascara

girl placing translucent powder on her eyelids

Your eyelashes will look thicker and mascara will set better.

10. With the tip of a hair clasp apply the glue to your false eyelashes

Glue your false eyelashes with a clasp

This trick allows to uniformly disperse the glue along the eyelashes. Wait a few seconds before placing them.

11. For longer lipstick, absorb excess color with a handkerchief

Girl with a handkerchief over her mouth

Then fix the color with translucent powder and pass the lipstick of the color you chose once more.

12. If you mix eye shadow with Vaseline you will get your personal color

Container with Vaseline and eye shadows as lipstick

You can use a shade color that is your favorite as a lip tone. Mix it with a little petroleum jelly and then apply it.

13. Perfect the arch of your lips by drawing an “X” on the upper lip as a guide

Paint an X on the upper lip to get a more defined arc

Paint lips with a more defined arc through the X method

To make the "Cupid's bow" on your lips perfect, the easiest and fastest way is to paint an "X" on the upper lip with a lip liner of the same lipstick tone.

14. Hide dark circles and puffy eyes creating a triangle with the concealer

Girl putting on a triangle to cover dark circles

One of the best ways to use the concealer is to form a triangle below the bottom lash line and direct it toward the cheek. This tip helps you hide dark circles and redness in the lower part of your eye. Instantly creates the illusion that your face is raised, since the brightest point of the face will be under the eye.

15. Use a pencil or a brush handle to guide your cheekbone

Girl marking her cheekbone with the handle of a brush

If you want a natural look, place it just below the cheekbones (below the bone) to find the right angle for your face. Apply suntan powder with a thick brush.