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15 makeup ideas for when you need to impress

Ideas hermosas de maquillaje para cuando quieras impresionar

There are millions of tricks to achieve a perfect makeup, and no doubt everyone recommends the same thing every time: to outline the face, an ideal eyeliner, and a shade of colors suitable for day or night. However, none tells us how to impress when using it.

Fortunately, we gave ourselves the task of searching for you some ideas that will help you wear spectacular makeup for when you need to impress; No matter if you use it daily or during an important event, the ideal is that you can play with new colors, techniques and above all you will look impressive.

1. Create a combination of eyeliners

Girl combining eyeliners in blue and black tone

2. Try using a neon tone on the lips

Girl using a neon coral color lipstick

3. You can even try a gradient in pink tones

Girl with lips in pink gradients

4. Use glitter for your eyelids

Girl wearing a glitter makeup on her eyes

5. Or you can try pastel colors

Tutorial of a girl with pastel makeup

6. Outline the bottom of your eyes with a striking shadow

Girl with a bottom outlined in neon colors

7. Test by performing a different outline

Girl with a blue eyeliner

8. Use a flashy eyelash mascara

Makeup ideas to impress (14)

9. Make your eyebrows look more prominent

Tutorial on how to make up your eyebrows

10. Place a bright shadow on your tears

Girl with a yellow tear and gray makeup on the eyelid

11. A litmus shadow will give you more illumination on the face

Girl with eyelids makeup in litmus tones

12. Neon colors are perfect for the summer season

Girl with makeup eyes in neon tones

13. Use a touch of blue

Girl wearing different shades in blue and green tones

14. Hotter and darker lips

Girl using lips in dark brown

15. Definitely the best makeup is when you take your face to the natural

Girl without a drop of makeup on her face