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15 ideas to design your nails with a french manicure

ideas para diseñar tus uñas un manicure francés

The arrangement of the nails will never go out of style, and the decorated nails not only embellish the hands but also show that you are a woman who tries to take care of her image.

One of the best known styles that new airs can take is the manicure French, with designs that reinvent a classic, as you will see in the following images.

1. With moles

french manicure with polka dots

2. Mirror Effect

french manicure tips mirror effect

3. A touch of color

french manicure colored tips

4. Golden glitters

french manicure golden tips

5. Red and black

red and black french manicure

6. Wine and dorado

French wine and gold manicure

7. Matte and shine

matte and gloss french manicure

8. Black borders

french manicure black tips

9. Silver Effect

french manicure silver tips

10. Geometric lines

french triangle manicure

11. Black and white

black and white french manicure

12. Small triangles

french manicure inverted triangle

13. Thin golden line

french manicure golden line

15. With tip design

pointed french manicure

15. Inverted design

french manicure inverted design