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15 ideas for you to look scary nails this Halloween

Este Halloween luce terrorífica de la cabeza a las uñas con estos ingeniosos diseños.

Whoever says that the terror of Halloween is not fascinating, surely lies. One of the most exciting celebrations of the year is coming and I am referring to Halloween.

Although it is an American tradition adopted by many countries, it does not discriminate sexes or ages. No matter how old you are, we all get excited about the magic of costumes, grandmother's horror stories, chilling decorations, parties and all that paraphernalia that invades these days. That is why we have brought you 15 ingenious ideas, so that all your outfit, including nails, are in tune with the occasion.

1. Pumpkin is one of the great protagonists

Nails with pumpkin designs.

So we are sure that you will love this idea.

2. Or if you are looking for something simpler, but equally allusive

Nails with a spider design.

How is this spider? Keep that sophisticated touch you are looking for without neglecting the occasion to celebrate the terror of these dates.

2. A design that seduces many of us are cats

Cat claws.

So this simple idea will not leave you indifferent

3. If you fail to decide on a single idea

Halloween designs for your nails.

How about this mix of vampires, mummies and ghosts?

4. If you are not exactly the most skilled creating designs

Ghost nails.

This design is really simple, but it still looks fantastic.

5. All monsters are welcome

Halloween nails in green color.

6. Jack is a character we never forget

Jack's nails

7. Mummies leave their coffins

Mummy's nails.

8. And skulls never go out of style

Although they seem difficult to perform, this simple tutorial explains step by step how to achieve the perfect skulls in a short time.

9. Something more tender and pinky: these witch nails

Witch's nails.

10. Or if your idea is to achieve a bloodier look

11. You don't have to spend a fortune to have nails like these

With a template like the one shown in this tutorial and that you can usually order online through Amazon or Etsy.

12. Or are you looking really cool?

13. Witzy, witzy, spider

Spider nails and cobwebs.

This design is clearly more elaborate, but if you are one of those who prefer to wear nails than do work at home, this is an excellent option.

14. And it could be even more scary

Black and white nails, pointed.

In addition the black and white designs combine well with any garment.

15. Take a look at this design

Colored eye nails.

Finally we leave you this idea quite colorful and that is easy to realize.

Did you like our ideas? Do you have a better one? Share it with us.