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15 Hair Dyes for Brunettes that are Trending 2019

15 Hair Dyes for Brunettes that are Trending 2019

Having the perfect color for your hair is something that every woman wants and if this is your case I will reveal the best kept secret for this 2019 trend about dyes for brunettes that more will be used for both summer and winter.

Looking beautiful and pretty is something you surely want where changing hair color is essential but you should be very careful about the tone you choose since there are many factors that influence so that those colors are good for you.

One of them is the type of pigmentation and tones that your skin has especially on the face, according to that type of color range it will better combine a suitable dye for your face.

Another detail that you have to take into account is that when you start using dyes (as they say in my country) or dyes they will damage your hair which I advise you to use the hair masks that I recommended previously that are natural and strengthen the hair decreasing the chemical impact of the dyes on your hair.

When you have dark hair at some stage of your life you will try red hair since it has many meanings and gives greater security by increasing that personality you have, but then to remove this tone it is very difficult that is an important point to consider for redheads

But I will show you that there are endless colors to test if you have brown hair and this type of dyes will take perfect color you want to reach.

Hair Dyes for Women with Brown Skin

What hair color is best for brunettes?

There is a wide range of shades that are good for brunettes of which I will highlight those that are trend and that will also look on your face that you will dazzle all the people who know you from your friendships as from your family.

I'm going to show you a trick to improve your style depending on your features but also the type of skin tone you have.

To know with certainty your type of color what you have to do is take a piece of cloth a small or medium piece that is yellow.

If you do not get to have a piece of cloth then it would be enough with gold jewelry that you can have to put them against your face looking at you in the mirror once you do it with another piece of silver colored fabric comparing that you have a better golden or yellow color or well silver.

If your choice is the silver color then you have a cold skin tone instead if your tone looks better with the yellow your skin is warm.

How to choose hair color according to skin tone?

When the skin tone is cold tone and you are brunette then you must follow the changes made by the famous Rihanna since her skin is yellow dyes and what she tried to have a guide to get ideas, were the colors copper, I noticed with a touch of reddish blond and dark brown.

On the other hand, if your tone is warm and you are brunette, you have to follow the examples of good ideas as the actress Halle Berry chose, who uses the dark brown a lot in her hair, favoring the features of her face frame features.

Another good example is that of Beyoncé who uses the platinum blonde to soften her color. Another good idea is to use the reddish brown tone where you will surely be excellent with a new change enhancing your beauty for this year.


All girls try red dye once but you have to know that if you have brown skin you will not look good red or copper red which I do not recommend that you go that way.

On the other hand, what will favor you in your look and style is cherry red or burgundy red so that you get a contrast with your skin tone and look wonderful.

Keep in mind that the color red regardless of the color palette you use then is very difficult to remove in its entirety until it is very likely that you have to discolor the current dye you are wearing.

Light brown

Be careful with the light brown since it is not the same as the gold that many brunettes do not like as it is for which they opt for the dark ash blonde or it can be the ash brown.

A good example of celebrities who chose this color are Tyra Banks and Beyoncé although at times it almost reaches a golden hue that is not recommended for brunettes.

Light Brown Ash


This technique is still in fashion although time has passed since the trend was made and mainly what is done is to degrade the color of your hair through a dye that has a lighter shade than what you have in your hair but is always applied from the socks points towards the bottom points.

Wicks for Brunettes

It has a difference with the Californian calls since these last ones what they try is to give a natural effect without it seems that you have applied a dye.

For more information and if you want to know how to apply it, I invite you to read these two articles that I did at the time about:

Balayage Wicks

Californian Wicks

They are ideal for women with brown complexion.


The black dye is common to see in women who like to highlight their fine features, especially it gives an effect of elegance that is very beautiful and that is why it is a dye that Latin women choose so much to wear it on their head obtaining a very satisfactory result .


The violet color is very played for girls who are encouraged to change and give a feeling of youth by mixing the dyes of dark tone with red dye which more and more women are encouraged to use it being very good.

Although he considers that it will take you a while and then being such a striking color can get tired.

Tiger eye

It is the 2019 trend for brunette women who most seek to look with the current avant-garde style.

These tiger eye wicks, what you are looking for is the brown and golden hue dye to simulate as if it were the semi precious stone.

Dark Cava

If your skin is brown but with a tendency to light skin then this is your ideal dye where brown is mixed with blond.

It is for this reason that the trends for this year mark you that if you are a natural blonde for you to show off you must choose the dark champagne color.

Brown Ash Light

The good thing about this color for your hair is that the reddish tones will not appear which is concrete and solid giving a fresh style for any brunette who uses this palette.

I recommend that if you are in spring or summer change it for a tone that is clearer as can be the ashes to give greater rejuvenation to the face.


Always a professional colorist will advise you perfectly what kind of color you have and the tips to maintain that dye properly during the time, it is for this reason that the dark brown color is called chocolate and is ideal for this modern style fashion but following with A classic dye that all women ever use.

The only thing you have to be careful is that if you opt for the chocolate tone dye do not take two shades since it can happen that it is darker at the root and lighter at the tips, this should be avoided since you have to have a color uniform throughout the mane.

A benefit of having the face frame of this background color is that it will enhance the color of your eyes but if by chance they are also honey color then you should opt for a lighter hair color to transmit softness and sweetness.


If you are in summer or spring where the sun's rays illuminate in your head then it is an ideal dye since you will get more shine and enhance your personality in the sight of others.

It is ideal for dark skin that is warm and also if you need shade for your imperfections it has the advantage of having a brown to gold tone.


One of the dyes that I like very much is brown honey since it has a wide versatility regarding the look you want to cover referring to the skin tone and its pigmentation.

If to this honey dye you add blond highlights in your wicks you will get a bright and perfect result for your skin pigment.


This hair dye transmits a strong, hard but in turn desired personality, which is why many women first choose to try a semi-permanent color tone in which they do not expose their hair to copper dye which is then very difficult to remove without a process with a colorist to help you cover it or return to your original hair color.

Mallow Chocolate


Hair Colors that are Trend for Brown Skin

In this YouTube video you can find the styles that best fit in dyes for your brown skin.

After viewing the photos and video you can get your most accurate idea of ​​the change you want to make.

And if you are looking for others dyes for brunettes that are not in this article you can request it to tell you what kind of combination you get that tone.