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15 good quality and economical makeup brands


When it comes to indispensable beauty products, it is impossible not to think about their cost. That is why we bring you this definitive guide of low price makeup but of very good quality.

These amazing products will make you reconsider your options before buying the most recommended makeup in beauty stores and the most popular makeup blogs. Meet your new favorite makeup brand!

1. e.l.f.

cosmetics and make-up beauty products brand e.l.f.

If you are one of the girls who love to shop online, we recommend you buy products e.l.f., since when you order more than 20 products the prices go down even more than the unit price; There are even packages under 30 dollars.

2. Astor

liquid makeup brand Astor

For decades, Astor It is a leader in the cosmetics market, and has the great advantage that despite its demand, it has excellent prices without neglecting its quality. We recommend the bronzer of Astor, You can find it in no more than 15 dollars.

3. Hean

hand with cream stain prebase makeup hean

For the care of your skin and your base makeup, we recommend you try the brand Hean; It has an incredible oil-free and odor-free prebase, which will make your skin look super cute and soft; It also has a prolonged effect throughout your day. This prebase makeup Hean It costs you about 20 dollars.

Four. Kiko Milano

white table cosmetics brand kiko milano

We recommend you buy online Kiko Milano. It has incredible products like compact powders with matte finish and incredible lipsticks with promotions that vary from 13 to 15 dollars.

5. Essence

essence cosmetic and makeup beauty products

Essence It is one of those brands that you surely remember for being one of your first makeup products in adolescence. You could easily find it in any supermarket; and today we recommend the eyeliner of Essence waterproof.

6. Lola Makeup

red enamel brand lola

Lola Makeup It is a European brand of makeup famous in the world for its beautiful variety of eye shadows, which are much more recommended than makeup bases. A set of shadows Lola Makeup it can cost between 15 or 25 dollars

8. Almay

woman with almay brand makeup

Almay It has years in the market, and specifically is dedicated to taking care of your skin with high standards in quality control. It specializes in hypoallargenic products designed with formulas according to your skin type. We recommend you Almay smart shade, a mousse makeup base that will cost you around 20 dollars.

9. NYC

nyc brand lipsticks

The good quality of the NYC brand surprises with its low cost and because you can find it in pharmacies. We recommend the eyebrow kit NYC; It contains eyebrow powder, a fixing wax and miniature tweezers with a small applicator brush; and even a super practical plastic lining. The price of this kit is between 10 and 12 dollars.

10. Maybelline

two makeup tubes with blue cap maybeline

BB cream, Of the brand Maybelline, is an amazing product that serves as an anti-imperfection balm. This product is literally a wonder, as it regenerates the skin and serves for acne scars and blemishes; It also includes sun protection. BB cream It costs you between 25 and 30 dollars.

12. LA Girl

arm with lipstick stain matte brand LA Girl

The most recommended brand LA Girl it is to date the Matte flat pigment gloss, A fabulous pigmentation lipstick that lasts on your lips for up to 7 hours, also has a wide range of colors. You will find this great lipstick with a price of approximately 5 dollars.

13. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

beauty products cosmetics and makeup brand obsessive compulsive makeup

This liquid lipstick is one of the best selling of Sephora, and very famous for the Lip tar, which comes in incredible matte tones for your lips. You can find these lipsticks in online stores and in physical stores from 15 dollars.

14. Cyzone

cyzone brand pink blush

Cyzone It is one of the most beautiful and accessible cosmetic brands you can find. Its variety of colors between shadows and lipsticks is infinite; and our favorite is the blush Cheek Chic, that you find it in 15 dollars.

fifteen. NYX

palette of shadows and makeup colors brown

The quality of the shadow palette Dream catcher from NYX It is very good compared to NAKED from Urban Decay; since they have the same pigmentation and durability, but Dream catcher It is a much more accessible version, since it costs between 15 and 20 dollars.