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15 garments that help you combine crop tops in winter

15 prendas que te ayudarán a combinar tu crop top durante el invierno

Women experiment with clothing until they find all possible uses; Whether for the night, day, an appointment or even a formal event, a couple of key elements in our outfit can make a difference. On the other hand, winter should not be an impediment to dress with our favorite garments of the season, so somehow we find a way to make the main pieces look in our outfit While we survive the cold.

Although during the summer we take full advantage of the ombligueras, it is time to take a new-year spirit: these are 15 ideas that will help you combine with your crop tops favorites during winter.

1. With ankle boots and pencil skirts

white skirt and blue crop top

2. About chiffon shirts

woman with long shirt pants and crop top

3. Shorts and stockings

woman with short and short sweater

4. Long pleated skirts

woman with long skirt and croptop

5. Also circular skirts

woman with black top and long blue skirt

6. Bomber jackets or military jackets

woman with black pants and pink crop top

7. A long sweater

woman with coptop, skirt and long sweater

8. On t-shirts t-shirt

woman with crop top and beach bottom pants

9. Necklaces or chokers flashy

woman with red top and black pants

10. “Pencil” skirts of the same tone

brunette woman with top and gray skirt

11. Semi-long coats

woman with white crop top and coat

12. Pants at the waist

woman with black top and white pants

13. Winter print skirts

woman with black top and red plaid skirt

14. Straight skirts and belt

redhead woman with black skirt and gray top

15. Denim jackets

woman with black corptop pants and denim jacket