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15 galactic makeups to create your own universe

15 Maquillajes inspirados en el espacio para ser la estrella de la fiesta

Makeup trends are more and more varied: braided eyebrows, demon lips, pop art nails, false freckles or glitterage in the hair are some of them.

Each fashion is inspired by a particular situation, and now the stars are the new muses, as the brightness of galaxies and asteroids is invading the eyelids of most of the girls, and here we give you 15 excellent ideas to join this new trend.

1. One night in space

Leftover makeup for eyes in red and black tones with moon decoration

2. The colors of the universe

Yellow, pink, purple and green eye shadow with star decoration

3. Get inspired by nebulae

Space-inspired green, purple, and fuchsia pink makeup

4. The real stars never go out

Shade makeup in blue ,, purple and metallic glitters

5. Become the queen of Jupiter

Makeup for eyes in metallic effect of yellow, purple and green colors

6. Neon tones never looked so good

Makeup in fuchsia pink, neon yellow and peach

7. Intergalactic outlines

Fuchsia pink with green and purple neon effect eyeshadow

8. Follow your own star

Moraro Eyeshadow with Mint Green Mascara and Star Liner

9. Small space meteorites

Red eye shadow with yellow and green metallic glitters

10. Stellar explosion!

Purple eye shadow with colored star decoration

11. From the Moon to Mars

Red, pink and yellow eye shadow with white liner

12. Flashes light years from space

Peach-toned eye shadow with star decoration and neon pink liner

13. You deserve your own planet

Fuchsia pink planet-shaped eye shadow with black and white outlines

14. No one shines more than you

Lightning liner for eyes in shades of pink, purple and glitters

15. Collision of stars in sight

Gold tone makeup with glitters and silver star stamps