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15 Famous people so changed that now neither their mother recognizes them

Famosos que cambiaron tanto

The changes that any normal person undergoes do not go beyond a haircut or a different dye, even a little makeup is enough; but this does not apply to celebrities: in Hollywood a change of look It goes much further. Celebrities transform their physical appearance with surgeries, dye their hair and cut it, change their wardrobe and even wear more loaded makeup, and do it overnight, without fear.

In 2017 many stars of the show decided that they wanted to look totally different, so they spared no expense. Some were so unrecognizable that not even their mothers can identify them, like these 15 celebrities who turned the page and now look like someone else.

1. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde showing her two hair changes

Recently she became a mother for the second time, so for this simple reason she changed her ombre by a dark brown dye and cut it into a daring bob That makes her look more mature.

2. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez showing her two hair changes

Selena is a singer who, until a while ago, had not given up her brown hair, but in 2017 a radical change was made. He gave up everything and cut his hair at shoulder height and then dyed it a platinum blonde. Since then Selena has had a series of changes: she napped her neck, changed her hair tone again and cut it once more, now in a bob small.

3. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift showing her two hair changes

Taylor is a girl who is not afraid of changes, so she goes from short to long hair just by thundering her fingers. As for his body, he has always been thin, but from one moment to another he went from not having curves to having very pronounced ones.

4. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian showing her two hair changes

Kim is the queen of changes: one day she can appear wearing a hair as long as Cher's and the other with a bob platinum, and with anyone looks spectacular.

5. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne showing her two hair changes

The actress loves to add color to her hair, throughout 2017 she changed several times. First he had a bright orange color and then he went to a deep blue that suited him very well.

6. Emma Stone

Emma Stone showing her two hair changes

For many years Emma wore a beautiful shade of orange hair, but in 2017 she appeared with a platinum blonde in the style of the 50s and definitely suits her.

7. Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes showing her two hair changes

In 2017 Katie made the decision to say goodbye to her hair, so she cut her long curls and now wears a pixie very elegant.

8. Emilia Clarke

Emilia Clarke showing her two hair changes

When the actress is recording the series Games of Thrones She wears a blonde wig, but in 2017 she decided to make it happen and changed her brown hair to a platinum blonde. The change was a success and now it looks spectacular.

9. Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson showing her two hair changes

It is normal for actresses to undergo drastic changes for the sake of some character they will play and Kate Hudson did so. In 2017 he said goodbye to his long blonde hair and appeared with shaved hair for a new movie.

10. Katy Perry

Katy Perry showing her two hair changes

For years the singer used a dark mane, but in 2017 a cut was made pixi and she dyed herself a blonde, and although many thought the change would last very short it seems that Katy loves it because she has worn it with pride during the last months.