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15 Color combinations for a perfect manicure

15 Color combinations for a perfect manicure

Sometimes, finding the ideal color for our nails can be a very complicated task: we have to think that it combines with our clothes, shoes, bags, that is fashionable; And of course it's perfect for the season.

Going to buy them does not become easier, there are so many colors that you even start to get dizzy. But as we do not like to see you suffer, we prepare for you a quick guide that will help you find the perfect color for your nails, so you will have a cute manicure that combines perfectly with the season.

1. Gray tones

Gray nail combinations

2. Shades of mint pink

Plum and blue nail combinations

3. Perfect shades for spring

Nail combinations in yellow, green and orange

4. Gray, blue and plum tones

Blue, gray and plum nail combinations

5. Military green tones

Combinations of nails in military green

6. Shades of pink to green

Nail combinations in pastel pink

7. Purple and yellow autumn tones

Nail combinations in yellow and purple colors

8. Shades of light brown to gray

Gray nail combinations

9. Shades of flesh-colored stick pink

Nail combinations in autumn colors

10. Funny shades in pink and orange

Nail combinations in pink and orange colors

11. Mint shades

Nail combinations in mint green colors

12. Combination of pink and yellow phosphorescent tones

Nail combinations in skin, pink and black colors

13. Blue tones

Nail combinations in blue colors

14. Mint and purple tones

Nail combinations in green and lilac colors

15. Shades from beige to red

Nail combinations in red and white colors