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15 beauty uses you can give your toothbrush

Lleva el cepillo de dientes a tu kit de belleza, estos son los 15 usos que puedes darle

High! Do not throw your toothbrush! It could have more lives than a cat and although we know that it is designed to keep the teeth clean and in good condition, there are many uses that can be given to this object and that most of us do not know.

Rinse the elbows, exfoliate the lips or remove blackheads, are some of the uses you can give your old toothbrush instead of throwing it away.

1. As a scrub to soften your lips

Soften your lips with your toothbrush.

Your lips also deserve care and need an exfoliation from time to time to regenerate the skin and eliminate dead cells. Simply rub your lips with a soft brush and using a mixture of petroleum jelly and sugar.

2. Get rid of blackheads

Remove blackheads from your face.

The sebum that blackheads form is a nuisance to anyone. You can remove them with the toothbrush, which drags the black cells just by exposing them to steam or hot water and then removing them. Try to do it gently so that it does not cause any burn.

3. Become a “bombé” hairstyle

Make a tall hairstyle with the toothbrush.

Do you want to give volume to your hair? Just brush the toothbrush behind your hairstyle.

4. Rinse the elbows

Rinse your elbows with your brush.

All girls hate that area of ​​the elbows that darkens with the passage of time. A moisturizer and a toothbrush are powerful weapons to clarify them, rubbing the area with strong circular movements.

5. Silk hands

Give your hands the care they need.

The toothbrush allows to whiten the nails and soften the cuticles. It only takes a little toothpaste and rub your nails to whiten them; The cuticles can be softened with a little olive oil, almonds or coconut.

6. Eyebrows in place

Comb your eyebrows with the toothbrush.

Combing your eyebrows is an essential step so that they are perfect and if you do not have a special brush for this, the toothbrush can help you achieve it.

7. The perfect eyelashes

Comb your eyelashes using your toothbrush.

One way to achieve a more intense look is to apply the mascara and then remove the excess with the toothbrush.

8. Give your lips a botox effect

Girl brushing her lips with a brush.

You can increase the size and thickness of your lips by rubbing them with your toothbrush, then with a small exfoliating brush and finally applying sugar drops on the lip surface. Remove the remains with paper, apply a lip balm and look like new.

9. Take care of your hair brush

Cleaning your brush can be easier with a toothbrush.

When you don't know how to remove the hair that accumulates on your brush, remember your toothbrush is the ideal solution.

10. Take care of your dryer

Girl brushing her hair.

It is possible to remove hair that gets trapped in the net that is located at the back of your dryer with the help of a toothbrush.

11. Say goodbye to the frizz

Removing the frizz with the toothbrush.

If you have collected your hair and still there are hairs that escape your hairstyle, you can pass a toothbrush with a little lacquer so that everything stays in place.

12. A good finish for hair dye

Applying hair dye with the brush.

Many times when we dye our hair the finish is not perfect. However, we can say goodbye to these problems thanks to the toothbrush. Just apply a little dye with the brush.

13. Make your own manicure

Manicuring with the toothbrush.

Decorate your nails like a professional with the help of the toothbrush.

14. Remove suntan spots

Giving hands treatment with the brush.

If after using bronzer there are stains, you can remove them by rubbing with a brush a little lemon juice.

15. Texture your braids

Giving texture to the braids with the toothbrush.

To give a more misaligned effect and cool to your braids, you just have to pass a toothbrush through your hair.