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15 beauty tricks that every lazy girl should know

Trucos de belleza que toda chica floja debe conocer

There is nothing wrong with admitting that putting on layers and more layers of makeup or making yourself an impeccable eyeliner are not part of your daily fix routine. But that is not an impediment, much less a pretext to look beautiful without so much protocol.

The next time you only have a few minutes to prepare to go out or you just don't want to make your beauty routine an elaborate ritual, check out these beauty tricks that will surely make you look fabulous with minimal effort.

1. Direct to the refrigerator

cosmetics in the refrigerator

To avoid the annoying bags that form under the eyes, put the eye contour cream into the refrigerator, so that the cold helps reduce inflammation in that delicate area.

2. Wet towels for tiredness

makeup remover with wet towels

If you are too exhausted at the end of the day to remove make-up, facial towels will avoid the entire process.

3. Color all day

trick to make the lipstick last longer

To make your lipstick last longer, place a handkerchief over your lips and apply a little translucent powder on top to fix the color.

4. Find the right tone

how to try on neck makeup

To find out what your ideal makeup base tone is, instead of trying it on your forearm or face as usual, try it on your neck.

5. A little hot

girl applying mascara

Before using it, place your mascara inside on your bra so that it warms up a bit and can better curl your eyelashes.

6. The cutest eyelashes

eyelash painting card

On a card cut the shape of the contour of your eyes and place it on top of your eyelid before applying the mascara. This will avoid unnecessary stains.

7. Wet your feet at night

Vaseline foot treatment

A very effective way to moisturize your feet while you sleep is to apply petroleum jelly or a moisturizer every night before bedtime, then put on a pair of comfortable socks and let it act until the next morning.

8. Light up your face in two movements

trick to brighten face

With a concealer two shades lighter than your skin tone, draw a “3” starting above the forehead, the midline on the cheekbone and the bottom line just above the jaw. Then with a concealer two darker tones, you will do the same but drawing backwards. In the end mix the lines well to get a good result.

9. Thicker hair

gif how to apply shadow for higher density in hair

If you have little hair, you can add density if you apply a little shade of a tone similar to yours in the match line.

10. Do not run to buy eyeliner

outline with mascara

When your favorite eyeliner is over, you can use a small brush with a little mascara.

11. Never lose the glamor

girl spraying her face

If you don't want to see yourself as Lady Gaga after a four-hour concert, it's time to invest in a makeup sealer to preserve your impeccable look all day.

12. Talc at the root

talcum powder

If you can't wash your hair in the morning, apply a little baby powder on the roots last night and distribute it to absorb excess fat.

13. Faster drying

girl drying with shirt

Save time while drying your hair using a cotton shirt instead of a normal towel.

14. Cool your eyes

skin color eyeliner

If you revealed yourself or are tired, give a fresh touch to your look with a skin colored eyeliner. Apply it to the lower eyelid line and see how it changes.

15. Correctly apply the concealer

how to apply eyeliner

A very common mistake when applying the eye concealer is to do it by drawing a curve following the lower eyelid, when it is best to draw an inverted triangle to give more light to the face.