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15 beauty changes you have to experience in life

Experiencias extremas de belleza que debes hacer (por lo menos) una vez en tu vida

Well they say that changes are always good, especially when it comes to beauty. When we renew our style or our hair, we are determined to take out the beauty we have been hiding for so long.

All girls need to experiment with a radical change at least once in our lives, so here we will show you a few ideas for you to decide right now. We assure you that if you do at least one, you will not be the same again, you will have more confidence, security and of course you will look even more beautiful.

1. Free yourself from long hair

Girl with a change of look from long to short hair

2. Change the color of your hair as you have been wishing for years

Girl with pink hair fastened in a chongo

3. Say yes to the most daring makeup you find

Girl with a yellow makeup and shadows under the pink eyelids

4. You can even put gliter on your lips

Cherry colored lips with glitter in golden color

5. Say goodbye to boring manicure, try something bright and flashy

Nails of a girl in neon tones

6. Give your nails a new shape

Girl with pointed nails in neon yellow with stones

7. Experiment with different delineated

Outlined Graphic of a Girl

8. Your eyebrows deserve a new look

Girl showing a tutorial on how to outline the eyebrow

9. Try to go out one day without a drop of makeup

girl without a drop of makeup

10. Try putting on hair extensions

11. You can also experiment with eyelash extensions

GIF girl opening her eyes to show her eyelashes

12. Get a tattoo, at least henna

tattoo on a girl's arm

13. Perform a micro pigmentation in your eyebrows

Girl doing a micro pigmentation on her eyebrows

14. Change your style completely

Girl wearing a black bralette with leggins and jacket

Dare to love your body and show it in the sexiest way you can

15. Finally, start wearing heels, you'll see that you'll love them over time

Girl wearing a blue dress and silver-colored heels while posing for a photograph