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15 amazing white dresses to live this summer

15 Vestiditos blancos que usar este verano

The temperature rises and the heat waves come one after another, it is time to save the little black dress in the closet and take out his yang: the white dress.

But there is nothing to worry about; Surely you will survive in style, whether using a beach dress or a cotton one that combines with different shoes and works for any occasion. Here are several options to wear this season.

1. Show your shoulders

01 shoulderless dress

To continue with the spring trend we suggest this style of dress: short, without shoulders and elastic sleeves. It is important that you look for 100 percent cotton, since this fabric is cooler than synthetic fabrics.

2. Shoulderless and with sleeves

loose dress

What do you think of a loose and fresh dress, with suspenders and a nice detail that highlights your waist.

3. Style Flashdance

one shoulder dress

This style comes hard, look flown in clothes and show a shoulder in the style of the girl from Flashdance Being a short dress, you decide if you let your legs look or wear it as a blouse.

4. Nighties

loose nightgowns

These loose dresses as nightgowns are extremely comfortable and demure, they will make you look very pretty.

5. Vintage style

victorian dress

If you like the style of the last century, you will love this model because it is inspired by the Victorian era of cut A, it will make you look very sophisticated and sweet.

6. Loose and relaxed

Loose square neckline dress

A classic loose silhouette dress with sleeves, square neck and the cutest thing is that it has a pair of side pockets.

7. White shirt

dress shirt

His Anglo-Saxon name is shirt-dress, quite adequate given the appearance of the dress that looks like a very long white shirt. It can have some pattern on the fabric, long sleeve or sleeveless, you choose.

8. Silk and flown

boho chic dress

A romantic dress that reminds us of the free spirit of the 70s, has silk, ruffles and lace a very fresh and perfect option to combine with sandals.

9. Embroidery

embroidered dresses

If you want to wear something with a little color, we suggest dresses embroidered with flowers, short and loose for a look relaxed.

10. Fluid and light

loose v neckline dress

As you have noticed, the weaker the better, this to let your skin breathe and a sexy V-neckline will give personality to your style.

11. Simply straight

short straight dress

This short dress option is also valid, straight and symmetrical, with wide straps, they can be simple, lath or olán.

12. Lace

lace dresses

What do you think of these dresses with a more robust lace? You choose if you want something more romantic with bows on the sleeves, suspenders or long sleeves.

13. Look of the 90

denim dress

The denim dress is back, straight cut and skirt pockets, with crossed straps, for a casual style.

14. Slim suspenders

strapless dresses

You can not miss simple dresses with straps, loose cut and v-neck.

15. Back discovered

bare back dresses

Long dresses with a bare back, it counts as a long dress if it goes under the middle calf.