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13 things you're doing wrong in your skin care routine

Los 13 errores de skin care que evitan que tu piel luzca hermosa

If you're new to this whole world of skin care But you still don't know why, despite all the efforts you put into making your skin improve and it doesn't, it is very likely that perhaps you are doing something wrong in your morning or night routine.

And what we least want is for you to be discouraged in the learning process and to convert your skin care in a habit, so we share with you the most common mistakes we make and how to eliminate them, so that in this way you notice an improvement on your face, look smooth and looking better and better.

1. You do not know the correct order of the products

Skin care products for morning and night routine

Does it happen that you do not know where to start your routine skin care? Many girls prefer not to wear one because the order for the application of the products seems too confusing, since between magazines, tutorials on YouTube and others, we end up with more doubts than before. So a simple advice that we can give you is to remove make-up, clean and tone, and apply the most liquid formulas first to leave the densest at the end.

2. You don't know how to apply the products correctly

Woman using the jade roller on her face

We have seen it millions of times in that way, which is the "correct" and best way for our skin, and as the "experts" say, we follow this trend, applying cream products or serums in a circular way on the skin … But what you should actually do is apply it upwards from the beginning of the neck to the hairline in the forehead area.

3. Do you know what your skin needs?

Woman at a spa having a mask applied

Another thought that we tend to have unconsciously is that we can only have one type of routine skin care, Which is completely false; That your skin is oily or sensitive does not mean that you should always focus on those needs, because you forget that depending on the climate your skin changes and others may arise to attend, so pay attention and use the correct products for your skin type according to Whatever you need.

4. You think that if your skin is oily you should not moisturize it

Moisturizer for oily skin

To all of us who have oily skin this has happened to us at some point, we believe that because our skin is oily, the least we should do is apply creams and serums Because we will shine like the sun throughout the day, but it is completely false, because the only thing you achieve is that your skin generates more sebum than normal, so only choose the correct products that are generally water-based. You really are going to notice the difference.

5. You don't deep clean your face

Girl cleaning her face with ultrasonic brush

If you are one of those girls who believe that by having used a make-up remover wipe you have already removed all the dirt, let me tell you that it is not, because the point of cleaning the face is to remove any impurities or dirt that may cause an acne or pimple breakout because the pores are clogged. The most recommendable thing is to do a double cleaning, the first one with oil and the second one with some aqueous cleaner.

6. The neck is an important area!

Neck of a girl showing the loss of firmness of the sameWhen I started this skin care I focused only on my face, I did not pay anything of importance to the neck until I began to investigate a little more and I was surprised that over time it also loses elasticity and firmness, and as they say “prevents wrinkles of the 30s from the 25 ”, so you know, you should take care of the neck area with the same love with which you take care of your face because it makes a huge difference.

7. You are not constant

Products for skin care

The real changes we only notice when we have perseverance and discipline in the things we do, whether it is going to the gym, eating well or maintaining our routine of skin careSo there is no point in following it to the letter for two weeks if you leave it for two months. If you really want to notice changes, your routine should be in the morning and at night adding masks a couple of days a week.

8. You rub your skin like you want to break it

Girl with redness on the skin

Many of us did it, if the product label said “immediate effect” we wanted it to be IMMEDIATE, but it is not so, the only thing we achieved when seeing that this effect did not have the promised efficacy we passed the cotton more and more times with much greater strength than before until certain areas were red. We only damage our skin, so you know: a routine of skin care it is an art.

9. Drink water only when you are thirsty

Natural water bottles

It is not a joke when you go to the doctor and he tells you that you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day and this is so that not only does your body stay hydrated, but also your skin will thank you because thanks to this vital liquid nourishes and hydrates, and can look more glowy but above all it heals; so you know, don't just drink water when you are thirsty.

10. You don't prevent, you only react to acne

Girl running a cotton pad over her facial skin

Think of your skin as if it were a jewel, there are treatments so that a chain or stones always stay shiny despite the years, and of course it is impossible to regain the shine of jewelry that never was He applied some treatment, so you should be aware that if you take care of your skin every day it will be very rare when you have an acne outbreak on your skin.

11. You do not apply the rule of "the 3 seconds"

Girl applying cream on her face after bathing

You probably have never heard of this rule, but it is said that if you immediately apply (3 seconds later) your moisturizer after cleaning your face, your skin will be more receptive to absorb all the nutrients and benefits that you offer with these treatments.

12. It seems that sunscreen is your enemy

Axis-Y Complete Sunscreen no-stress physical

Most of the times, although we have also heard it, it is something that we hardly pay attention to, because "the sun only affects when you go to the beach or on very hot days", but the truth is different. We must use sunscreen every day, all year round, so if you are lazy one option is to use BB Cream with a minimum sun protection factor (SPF) of 25, so that your skin does not suffer from spots or premature wrinkles.