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13 Outfits to know how to combine 90s brooches

13 Outfits para sabes como usar broches noventeros

Just when you thought your obsession with the fashion of the 90s had already passed, another trend for hair is here and stronger than ever. We talked about hair clips, in particular those of bright colors, large and thick, those you had in your girl's drawer.

If you love the clips as much as we do, we leave you a few tips to make you look like a magazine cover.

1. How to forget the flower brooches

Girl with orange shirt, cream pants, transparent orange lenses and flower-shaped brooches

2. They should not always match your outfit

Girl in photo shoot with pink skirt and jacket attire with brooches of different colors

3. They are for any season

Girl wearing a cream turtle neck sweater, orange jacket and pearl earrings and brooches

4. Have fun combining them with different clothes

Girl in the street with cream skirt, black leather jacket and a pair of pearl brooches

5. It is worth wearing them with a cute hat

Girl wearing a yellow shirt, plaid pants, a red hat and blue brooches

6. Give your pigtail an extra touch

Singer Ariana Grande in a shirt dress with Selena print and a ponytail with a brooch holding her fringe

7. Pearl clips will give you a touch of elegance

Blond girl with white blouse, denim jeans and a ponytail with two pearl brooches

8. They are ideal for any style

Girl with leather pants, horizontal striped blouse, dragged, dark glasses and five brooches holding her hair

9. Highlight your outfit

Singer Selena Gomez walking down the street, wearing black pants, baggy black sweatshirt and a brooch on her hair

10. The big ones are the best

Girl walking down the street wearing white wool dress, jacket, purse in hand and a pair of giant brooches on her head

11. Butterfly brooches should never be missing

Girl with pink shirt, denim shorts and pink butterfly brooches

12. You can use them in any event

Girl in black dress tight to her body with straps and a heart-shaped clasp over her hair

13. There will never be too many …

Girl with little morning color, earrings and silver brooches