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13 light clothes to feel fresh this season

Portada Las prendas más ligeras que podrás usar en los días de mucho sol

Many times it is incredibly difficult to know what to wear in a hot season, because no matter how much we love these warm seasons, humidity and high temperatures are not a good combination when deciding on our perfect outfit, not to mention that it is now so close summer.

When it comes to planning clothes for heat, it is generally sensible to opt for lightweight fabrics, baggy and transparent silhouettes that make us feel comfortable. If your creativity has been affected when choosing clothes, we choose some of the lightest and freshest to use in the hot season.

1. Short dresses are a perfect option

Girl modeling a short striped cotton dress

2. These blouses are great for the season

Girl modeling a loose sleeveless olive blouse and a black leggin

3. Nothing screams summer like a maxivestido

Girl modeling a blue maxivestido with orange

4. These pants are very comfortable

Girl modeling a black blouse and striped pants

5. You will not suffer from heat with these transparent blouses

Girl modeling a transparent blouse with flower details and black pants

6. The breakers are for everyone

Girl modeling an olive green break

7. The maxi skirts are beautiful

Girl modeling a black maxi skirt and white blouse

8. You need an off-the-shoulder blouse, now!

Girl modeling denim jeans and a yellow off shoulder blouse

9. Take your denim skirt out of your closet

Girl walking down the street with blue top and short denim skirt

10. These overalls are very cool

Girl walking down the street with a gray overalls

11. They are great for any event

Girl modeling a maxi break dress

12. The Kimonos improve any outfit

Girl modeling a top and white pants with flower kimono

13. Dare to use these sets

Girl with a skirt and flower top set