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13 Cheapest Makeup Versions of Expensive Cosmetics

13 Versiones de maquillaje caro que puedes encontrar por un menor precio

The December dates leave anyone with the "skinny" wallet, and if you also did not save this winter and spent more on gifts to spoil your loved ones, and even, why not, to give you a gustito To you too, it is very likely that you are coming to January with your economy suffering.

To remedy this sad situation, in the area of ​​makeup we have for you an assortment of good "dupes" that are worth trying. Dupe it is the term in English that is given to the least expensive version of the same product, but without becoming "pirate"; that is, it is the same high-end cosmetic, but at a supermarket and even pharmacy price.

This will help you save product and money on what you like most and leave the expensive version for special occasions or when your finances recover and you can continue to pay for those lujitos Here you have the best 13 dupes of expensive products, which are very good, and that you can find for a lower price.

urban decay and h & m glitter eyeliners

Get the same style with Photoready Eye Art of Revlon.

2. The shadow palette Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills

shadow palette next to shadow palette

By Irresistible from Beauty Creations

3. The famous bronzer of Bobbi Brown

bronzes bobbi brwon palladio

But you can have the same color and pigment with the Palladio Mate Nude bronzer.

4. The shadow palette Tartelette from Tarte

palette of shadows next to palettes

By Meet Matt (e) Nude Y Trimony from The Balm; They have the same colors but the price of the two boards is much lower than the Tarte palette.

5. The shadow palette Subculture from Anastasia Beverly Hills

shadow palette next to two palettes

Find the same colors and pigments in Emerald I & II from Beauty Creations, which together cost half as much as Subculture.

6. The blush Peaches of Mac

blush mac and bissu blush

Find the same tone, and its golden sparkles, in the blush Coral from Bissú.

7. The foundation of makeup Born this way from Too Faced

true colors l'oreal makeup bases

Born This Way It is one of the best bases in the market, but its cost is high quality, while True match de L’Oreal leaves the same result, but at a supermarket price.

8. Channel's cream shadows

shades of chanel and revlon

Find the same result with similar tones in the creams of Colorstay Believe me eye shadow of Revlon.

9. The glitter eyeliner Heavy metals from Urban Decay

urban decay and h & m glitter eyeliners

Against the sparkles Glitter eyeliner from H&M.

10. The eyebrow eyeliner My Ultra Brow from Benefit

eyebrow eyeliners face palladium version

The Benefit has a professional makeup price, while the Brow Definer Taupe Palladio is three times cheaper.

golden metallic lipsticks

Get the same style, for a lower price with the Cosmic Metals from NYX.

12. Marc Jacobs Nude Lipstick

pink nude lipstick marc jacobs

Find the same tone and quality, but with more product with the Mary Nude Mate Nude.