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12 root retouchers that will save your hair from dye

12 root retouchers that will save your hair from dye

80% of Spanish women consider the annoying root effect for the time it takes to eliminate it. But, submitting to the dictatorship of making an appointment at the hairdressing salon and having a good time there to dye your hair, in addition to the cost involved, is history. The root retouches They are products easy to use and instant effects, have achieved the feat of maintain presentable roots at all times, without having to go urgently to the hairdresser.

In their powder, cream and spray formats, present a content in mineral cosmetic micropigments that instantly cover the roots, fusing with each hair fiber, and also ensure a silky touch. The sprays are used with an open spray that reaches a good part of the hair; on the other hand, dusts and masks are placed just where it is needed. It is advisable to have both to solve each area in the best way. For the central part of the hair, the spray format is generally recommended, and the rest, which have a more precise application, to diffuse gray hair, temples and temples of the temples.

Some products when drying may fade a little, others stay up to three days, and in some cases, they maintain the tinted effect until you wash your hair. As for the color chart, each brand has an average three to five tones, although there are signatures that present up to eight different colors. What you should experience is about the load of pigments they contain, it may work for a darker or lighter shade than you would have considered suitable for your hair.