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12 current designs and ideas 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

Balayage chocolate 12

The decision to paint your hair can result
Exciting and scary. Therefore, before making that decision, people
They need to know the options available to them. The balayage
It is a style with different designs that look wonderful.
Because of this, it is helpful to consider balayage ideas that
include the chocolate color

Meet the best balayage
chocolate that are in fashion

"Balayage" is the name that receives a technique of origin
French. The technique is based on achieving a distribution of brightness and light with
Any color that is applied to the hair. The designs of balayage
they become a less aggressive option and a change

Chocolate Cinnamon

Chocolate brown can be combined with a tan tone that
It will add freshness to the hair. This style of balayage, ideal for
People with fresh and toned skin, add texture and volume to the hair.
Therefore, there are individuals who have considered that This option is one of the best in balayage.

Balayage chocolate 1

Caramelized Chocolate

The chocolate balayage that mixes with
A caramelized cast color is perfect for skins with a warm hue. The
design should start in the middle of the hair to create a fusion
Beautiful and remarkable.

Balayage Chocolate 2

Cold chocolate

The use of chocolate color is a bit more complicated in
People with cold skin tones. However, there is a chocolate-colored design that can create a balayage

Balayage Chocolate 3

Soft chocolate

The soft chocolate tone can be mixed with other dyes
of less intensity to form a beautiful balayage. That kind of style
incorporates dark shades for roots
that soften with cream tones
on the tips.

Balayage Chocolate 4

Intense chocolate

It is possible to mix reddish tones with the main color
Chocolate to give a higher level of intensity to the hair. The design that
incorporate those tones looks
exceptionally beautiful and makes the person stand out.

Balayage chocolate 5

Milk chocolate

The intense chocolate color can be softened with dyes of
This hue make them clearer. The chocolate balayage with milk he achieves
That the hair look soft and bulky. Therefore, it is understandable that many
Women opt for this alternative.

Balayage chocolate 6

Dark Chocolate Waves

The impression of creating
waves with dark tones of chocolates has become popular
in the trends
For the hair. It is a classic way to highlight a dynamic balayage performed
the correct way. A positive aspect of this idea is that it turns out
appropriate for people with any skin tone and eye color.

Balayage Chocolate 7

Cappuccino Chocolate

The model implements chocolate brown tones with more colors
Fresh and clear that form a better balayage. The transition of a hue
from hair to another hue is soft and delicate. Therefore, Women who opt for this technique will not require touch-ups
. That is because this style is easy to maintain.

Balayage chocolate 8

Hot brown chocolate

A chocolate brown color quite prominent is the one
Get a beautifully molten warm shadow. This tone applied on wave hair has a naturally warm appearance and

Balayage chocolate 9

Chocolate with honey

The balayage with
Chocolate and honey is a slightly riskier transition.
The design is
mainly focused on the tips of the hair. This is a way of
Add texture and impact to the hair.

Balayage chocolate 10

Chocolate fondue

Hair with shades
molten chocolate creates a phenomenal optical illusion
. It's a design
Beautiful and soft that looks spectacular. It is important to highlight that this style
It looks much better in long hair.

Balayage Chocolate 11

Hazelnut Chocolate

The balayages that combine dark chocolate with
Creamy hazelnut color are placed within the favorites list. The hair
It seems to melt beautifully from its middle part. The work on this technique is very meticulous.

Balayage Chocolate 12

Reasons to do the balayage

The chocolate balayage is considered
A sensational idea by many people with stylistic experience. Without
However, there are still women who are not convinced to apply this style. By
that reason, it is practical to summarize some reasons that demonstrate why this type
Balayage is ideal:

  1. Balayage with chocolate tones is not
    excessively risky
  2. Many designs are appropriate for any
    skin tone.
  3. The balayage technique does not mistreat the hair.