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12 curly hair wedding hairstyles that will fascinate you

12 Hermosos peinados para novia de cabello rizado

All the girls who have curly or wavy hair have a love-hate relationship with our hair. There are days when it looks perfect and days when it really seems that nobody can tame it, so it is normal to constantly worry about how to fix it, especially if it is to comb it for a special occasion such as your wedding day.

Because not only the dress is important but also how you fix your hair, so we present some options that will give you ideas to look amazing on the most beautiful day of your life. Remember that you don't have to iron or straighten your curls, they are beautiful!

1. Natural waves and flower crown

Bridal Peindo with natural wavy hair with a wreath

2. Loose and defined curls with a fine headdress

Bride with loose curly hair and a fine headdress

3. Semi-collected in twist

Semi-picked bride in curly hair twist type with floral ornaments

4. Picked up under

Hairstyle for curly hair bride in low hem with pearl headdress ornament

5. Natural waves with floral headdress

Hairstyle for loose curly hair bride with floral headdress

6. Loose with side headdress

Curly hair wedding hairstyle wearing side headdress

7. Semi-collected with herringbone braid

Wavy hair bride with semi-herringbone braid

8. Braided bohemian with floral touches

Bohemian braid for curly hair bride with floral touches

9. Picked up high with a headdress

Picked up high for bride with side headdress

10. Picked up low with flower crown

Picked up low with flower crown, hairstyle for curly hair brides

eleven. Twist double with headdress

Bridal hair d wavy double twist hair with headdress

12. Braided side with headdress

Braided wedding hairstyle with headdress