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100% natural floral remedies

100% natural floral remedies

These natural essences are used to treat various emotional problems! Yes, now you can forget your fears, stress and depression, among other conditions.

Before entering fully what they are and how bach flowers work you should know that this healing method has a long history. They were discovered several decades ago (to be exact in the 1930s) by the doctor and homeopath Edward Bach, who after experimenting with a series of wild flowers managed to find 38 natural remedies, each with different healing properties. Today it has become fashionable again! We do not know if it is because the population wants to move away from chemical medicines or because they want to follow a simpler and simpler procedure, the only certain thing is that they are all taking them.

Natural medicine
As we mentioned before, this medicinal technique is intended to alleviate psycho-emotional imbalances, which in turn help prevent physical and / or psychological illnesses. In other words, bach flowers are based on the hypothesis that conditions are a consequence of our emotional disorders or imbalances, and only by fighting them will we be immune to discomforts and ailments.

It is worth mentioning that although these essences do not have any side effects, the dose must be diagnosed according to the characteristics of each patient, taking into account their temperament, mental state and individual character, so it is best to go to an expert to know what It will be better for you.
And now I imagine you'll wonder Where can you get them?
In Mexico City, in addition to finding the Biocyber Institute (Cadets of 47 No. 6, Col. San Miguel Chapultepec. Tel: 52 11 3514), you will find an endless number of local and natural pharmacies dedicated to alternative medicine.
Harmonica (Av. México 31, Col. Hippodrome Condesa).
Quantum Healing Systems (Insurgentes Sur 1677- 907, Col. Guadalupe Inn).
Natura Senses (Amsterdam 171- 102, Col. Condesa).

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