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10 Tips you should read before painting your hair

10 Cosas que nadie te dijo sobre pintarte el cabello

Dyeing your hair is an odyssey, whether you do it yourself or go to a professional. We believe that everything will end in a nice color and that's it, but no! The adventure goes on and on.

If you are thinking about painting your hair, these are 10 things you should know but nobody has told you. And if we are late and you already dyed it, these are situations with which you will feel identified and wish that someone had warned you.

1. The texture will not be the same

Girl with pink colored hair

Not necessarily a bad thing, as you could get the volume you've always been looking for. This is because the chemicals dry out your mane and give it a little frizz. But if you want to avoid this effect, you should limit the number of times you stain it.

2. Color will fade

Girl in vintage round glasses, with medium hair and fringe; color blue

Although there are dyes that last longer than others, the truth is that none are permanent, so after several days your hair will lose pigmentation and will look lighter than the original tone. The trick to make it last longer is to wash it every other day. Also, as an additional tip, before entering the pool it is good to wet your hair in the shower so that it does not absorb the chlorine from the pool.

3. Your money will go into special shampoos

Girl with shoulder-length hair, green

To keep your hair healthy despite dye chemicals, you should use shampoos and treatments that counteract the damaging effects. Keep in mind that these products are more expensive than your daily routine, but it will be worth the investment.

4. Changing the color is complicated

Chinese haired woman with had hair of green, purple and pink colors

Dyeing it in another color is not as simple as just going to the store and buying a different shade than the one you bring. You must go through another process of discoloration or color extraction, otherwise the old and new dye will mix. For example, if you had blue hair and you want to paint it red but you don't bleach it, it will be purple.

5. Getting the perfect blonde is difficult

Girl with fluffy Chinese hair and abundant blonde color

All of us, at some point in our lives, have wanted to have a Californian blonde very The O.C. If that is your goal, you will have to undergo many bleaching treatments that cannot be applied in one sitting. It could take a couple of months to get the desired blonde and you will have to use intensive treatments to avoid drying it out.

6. Don't wash your hair

Girl with long wavy hair, aqua blue

The natural oils secreted by your scalp will help minimize damage from discoloration. It is even recommended to hydrate it with coconut oil every day for a week before applying any bleach or dye.

7. You need to have treatments on hand

Brunette girl with black and purple hair with a sailor moon hairstyle

Not only to strengthen it before the dye but also to recover its properties afterwards. You don't need to buy expensive treatments; use coconut oil, argan oil, avocado masks, mayonnaise, banana, etc. Of course, it is good that you save money for, at least, an intensive treatment, like keratin.

8. Take a photo of what you have in mind

Pretty girl with short hair to shoulders and brown color

If you don't dare to make your own change of look and you plan to go to a professional, the best thing is that you take a photograph of what you want so that there are no misunderstandings, because what for you can be a chocolate chestnut, for your stylist it can be a dark cocoa.

9. The Sun will affect color

Korean girl with two-colored dyed hair: pink and orange

Just as the skin needs protection against ultraviolet rays, so does the hair. To take care of it, use hats, bandanas and sprays with UV filter. Plus, after your well-deserved beach vacation, soak up with moisturizing treatments.

10. You always want to fix it with a black tint

Girl with mushroom cut and fringe, black hair

Stop there, crazy! Before you give up on your mane and decide to cover all traces of discoloration with this funereal color, think: is it really time to let your hair rest? Is it the tone you want or is it your despair that speaks? Are you sure in a week you won't be trying to discolor the jet black?

Do not make decisions on impulse and consult it with the pillow, with your friends and with your conscience.