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10 Tips that solve the: How to lose weight?

¡Esto no es una dieta más! 10 formas de perder peso para siempre

How to lose weight? It is the question that millions of women ask themselves throughout their lives and for which they resort to the search for solutions of all kinds, from the traditional diets to the “miraculous” remedies that promise to make you lose six kilos in a week.

However, getting a good figure is much simpler than it seems if you focus more than on losing weight quickly, on acquiring habits that help you reach your goal and stay fit. Here we tell you how.

1. Start with the right foot

glass jar with green juices

The first step to an effective change of habits is a cleaning that helps eliminate all the toxins you have consumed. Eating raw vegetables and fruit juices on an empty stomach will help cleanse your body and make you feel satisfied and full of energy.

2. Create a food diary

feeding diary

Several studies recommend recording eating habits in a diary, since people who record what they eat lose almost three kilos more than those who do not.

Analyze your habits and write down everything you eat for a week: drinks, snacks, condiments, absolutely everything. Don't forget to be specific with portion sizes and hours. By knowing your current eating habits, you will have a starting point to develop a plan that suits your needs and routines.

3. Don't skip meals!

healthy breakfast

Many people make the mistake of not having breakfast because they believe that in this way they will consume fewer calories, and what they do not know is that each of the meals of the day is necessary to maintain an active metabolism, increase your metabolic rate even at rest and keep your high energy levels

A small snack every 3 or 4 hours that includes fresh vegetables, fruits or grains without salt keeps your metabolism functional, stabilizes the level of blood sugar and helps reduce the urge to eat calories.

4. Drink a lot of water

slim girl drinking water

Not only does it hydrate the body and help create a feeling of satiety that makes you eat less, the more water you drink the more you eliminate excess fluids in your body. The recommendation is that water is your main drink: gradually set aside soda, coffee, juices or milk and drink at least eight glasses of water alone at least a day.

You will see that this small change in your habits will help your body take advantage of nutrients from food, reduce your calorie intake and significantly improve your skin.

5. More fruits and vegetables

chicken salad with vegetables

Thanks to the natural sugars they contain, fruits can satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way. On the other hand, vegetables provide a large amount of vitamins and minerals necessary for the proper functioning of each organ. Both foods contain fibers that provide a feeling of satisfaction for longer. Try to consume fresh seasonal products.

6. Move!

woman walking with pink tennis

There is not much science here: any physical activity that speeds up your heart rate will cause you to burn calories. However, you can burn more if you choose a cardio routine that includes work for several muscles: spinning, kick boxing or walk. Half an hour of practice will help you burn 200 to 300 calories, while toning arms, legs and abdomen. You can incorporate interval training into your conditioning plan, in which you alternate lapses of intense cardio with slower activity.

7. Less simple carbohydrates

woman hands cooking healthy

Eating less white grains such as rice, pasta and breads will help you reduce immediately because the simple carbohydrates of these foods, although they provide energy immediately, cause bloating, especially in the abdominal area, and make us eat more because they digest more Fast than other foods.

It is preferable to replace them with whole grains such as wholemeal or oatmeal. To take the effort one step ahead, change them for vegetables: instead of a chicken sandwich, you eat it in a salad, or potato chips can now be carrots and a dip healthy.

8. Go to sleep!

sleeping girl

If you sleep a full cycle, not only will you wake up rested and with more energy, but you will help your body burn calories, activate your metabolism and get better muscle tone. So the next time you doubt about sleeping those wonderful 30 extra minutes, do it! They can do wonders for your body.

9. Less salt = less liquids

spilled salt in question mark

Sodium favors fluid retention, which makes you look swollen and consequently gain weight. Try to spice up your food with natural spices such as chili, mustard, roasted garlic, onion powder, lemon juice, pepper or herbs (oregano, parsley, ginger, cumin, basil, among others). Some countries have salt substitutes on the market, such as Vegesal in Mexico.

10. Keep up the motivation

happy woman jumping on the beach

What motivates you to improve your lifestyle? Your! Beyond losing a few kilos to get a good figure, by acquiring healthier habits you not only strengthen your willpower and know your ability to achieve the goals you set, you also get a better quality of life for yourself and those who are your side. Don't turn it over! Start now!