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10 things you should know before dyeing your hair

Changing hair color is a more delicate thing than it seems. To do it successfully you have to take into account your skin tone and the state of your hair … To help you with your choice we offer you the advice of Jose Boix, director of Toni & Guy Spain and prize winner Spanish Hairdresser of the Year given by Figaro Club.

A hair care

The first thing we have to keep in mind is that the success of any type of coloration will depend to a large extent on how careful the hair is. A dehydrated or brittle mane will appear more porous. In this case the danger will be that the pigments can adhere unevenly or that the tips are open and rough. The solution? Alternate cut and color and prevent damage with regular home care.

Your skin type

The choice of color depends on whether the skin tone is colder or warmer. The idea is to work so that the chosen color manages to accentuate the natural skin shine.

Warm skins They have a golden base with a yellow hue and are those that tan easily in summer. The coppery, redheads and the golden or caramel wicks will accentuate the brown tones. Cold skins They are lighter and paler with a pink hue and do not usually tan. Colors such as chocolate, ash or platinum blond and bluish reflections on a black base will compensate for the dark base by softening the features.

The advice of the specialist is very important before changing the hair tone. The personality and image you want to project are key when deciding the intensity of the tone and how to interpret a range of color on the hair.

What you should consider before dyeing yourself …

  1. By clarifying the hair tone you will add volume and texture.
  2. The Light colors they will, in some cases, softer the texture of the skin with what you will look younger.
  3. The results also depend on the station: in summer the sun's rays help to lighten the hair naturally and can distort the results obtained in the salon.
  4. It is important to alternate cut and color so that the mane remains healthy
  5. Wicks do not cover gray hair. If they are few and they are in localized areas you can mitigate them, but when the quantity increases, the ideal is to opt for dye.
  6. The green eyes they work very well with brown tones in warm skins or with ash blond in cold skin.
  7. With eyes are blue The black color will be perfect for cold skin and caramel tones for warm skin.
  8. The Brown eyes they are enhanced with ash blond or platinum in cold skin and with mahogany or chestnut if the skin is warm.
  9. By modifying the hair color the shades of clothes that favor us will also change.
  10. The prettiest hair is the one that is healthy. Cut it regularly, do not abuse the heat and choose the products that best suit your structure are three key gestures to preserve its beauty.