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10 simple tricks to comb your hair incredibly

19 Súper SENCILLOS trucos para peinar tu CABELLO de manera increíble

For some girls it is difficult to comb and look just as they wanted. If you are not an expert with the brush or the iron, but you want to see it fixed, do not worry, here are 19 great tricks that will help you look beautiful and fresh.

1. Make sure your style remains fixed when flipping the clasps

brooches on a piece of paper indicating the correct way to use them

If you have difficulty keeping your hair in place, try to move the brooch a bit, placing the wavy side up.

2. More durable curls

woman entangling a piece of hair and placing foil and then heating it with an iron

If you have straight hair, wrap your hair in aluminum foil before ironing it, so the curls will last longer.

3. Secure the end of your braid with a hidden clasp

Girl with a braid and putting a clasp at the end

Tie the ends of your braid in a knot, then slide a clasp up to secure it, and voila! A fun hairstyle.

4. Create a fresh hairstyle in seconds with just a few brooches

girl with hair fastened by brooches

GIF girl putting hair pins

Take a section of hair between the hairline and the crown of the head and secure it with pins. Next, take a small section of hair from the front of your head and wrap it behind your head. Secure it with clasps. Repeat this with the left side of your head and follow the steps until you have enough sections, alternating the pins each time.

5. Use a headband to create an unexpected chongo

girl doing a chongo with an elastic band

To have this look Youthful but elegant, tangle your hair on an elastic band before putting it on top of your head to create a tunnel effect.

6. Use a spring clasp instead of several clasps to set your style

Girl getting a dummy with a spring brooch

Girl putting a spring clasp on her hair

Spring pins can do the work of 20 regular pins. Turn them in the center of your hairstyle to secure it and voila!

7. Cover the elastic band with a hair section to look professional

elastic garter covered with a piece of hair

After you have tied your ponytail, grab a section of hair and pass it around. Fix it with a clasp.

8. Use an eye shadow along the root part of your scalp to make it look thicker

Girl putting eyeshadow on hair root

This is just a trick that will make your hair look denser.

9. Make your own fixative with mineral water and a tablespoon of sea salt

Fixer made with mineral water and sea salt

You may have a fixative that you love, but if you don't get it, or if you want to create some texture in your hair, you should mix 20 ounces of mineral water and a teaspoon of sea salt, in grain, in a spray bottle to make some of your own fixative.

10. Make a ponytail before creating a fishtail braid

GIF girl who is doing a fishtail braid

Before starting the fishtail braid on your hair, fix your hair laterally with an elastic band to keep it tight. Then, when you reach the end of your hair, cut off the garter to reveal a perfectly tight and beautiful braid.

11. Pull your braid to make it look more voluminous

Girl pulling the ends of her braid

An easy way to make it look like you have a thick braid and more abundant hair is to gently pull it outward.

12. Textures braids with a toothbrush

Girl texturing her braid crown with a toothbrush

French braids look better when they are mistreated a little to achieve a less ‘perfect’ effect. To get it, take a toothbrush and brush the braid against the way it was made.

13. Raise your ponytail with brooches

Horsetail fastened with brooches

Once you've put your hair in a ponytail, insert two or three brooches in the center so that it doesn't fall out.

14. Create a variation of the traditional ponytail by making two, one over another

Girl with a double ponytail

Just make two ponytails: the first at the height of the crown and the second at the neck. Your ponytail will look twice the volume in a matter of seconds.

15. More volume in your loose hair

girl putting on hair fixer for curls to stay

Increase the volume by stacking the hair on the top of the head, then apply fixative and leave it until your laughs are dry.

16. Perfect curls from a braid

Curls made with braids and hair straighteners

Braid your hair and heat it with the iron to get some natural curls.

17. Change the way you pass the hair straightener so it looks wavy

GIF chic waving hair with the iron

Hold the hair horizontally, turn your wrist up and then down while moving it through a section of hair, creating a not-so-curly texture, but cool.

18. Apply mascara to hide your roots

Girl applying mascara on the hair root

If you do not have time to go to the salon and you need to cover some gray hair or root growth, use a mascara of the same shade as your hair. Just make sure you remove the excess.

19. Do you hate your bangs?

Girl getting a braid in front

If you want to rest from your bangs falling on your face, make a braid along the hairline and fasten it with pins at the end.