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10 quick and easy routines to tone your arms

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These 10 routines are great for keeping your arms steady and as a runway model; All are super easy and fast, ideal for you to start your day by strengthening your arms, and you will be ready for this next summer season where you will want to show off all your sleeveless blouses.

Remember to have a little water on hand, an exercise league, your yoga mat to lie on the floor, also a couple of light weights, if you have on hand, and if you can not use a couple of kilos of rice that have in your pantry. Play your favorite music for exercise and let's start training.

1. Arm warming and flexibility

warm up fitness exercises for flaccid arms

A basic warm up for your arms. You will perform this movement for 30 seconds while squeezing your back every time you return your arms from front to back.

2. Cardio and arms skipping the rope

rope and jump exercises for flabby arms

You will take a rope and jump 3 times on one foot and then on the other for a minute without stopping. You can increase the number of times you jump on each foot, the more weight each leg has when jumping, the more you will exercise your arms.

3. Lizards

woman lying easy exercises for flabby arms

You will lie on the yoga mat and put your arms in front while doing 30 push-ups.

4. Exercise muscle and forearm

woman with weights doing exercises for flaccid arms

With your legs open and two weights in your hands, you will rise and fall slowly putting pressure during a series of 25 repetitions.

5. Stretching and toning 100

woman with weights exercises for flaccid arms gif weights

In this exercise you raise each weight and extend it to the front and then lower, continue with the other arm.

6. Back and triceps pressure

exercises for flaccid arms with weights gif

You will raise your arms with the weights in your hands, and at the time of climbing you should feel your back stretched and firm in order to achieve greater toning.

7. Triceps with a single weight

woman with weights exercises for flaccid arms gif

Standing, you will raise your arms and put your hands behind your neck with a single weight; then you will go up and down slowly hard for 20 repetitions.

8. Exercise for dancer arms

ballet dancer exercising for arms gif

Sitting with your arms behind your waist, you will raise your calves as much as you can and go slowly from top to bottom for 15 repetitions, preventing your waist from touching the floor. The more you keep the floor hip raised, the stronger you will be doing in the arms.

9. Tones abdomen and arms with weights

woman lying down doing weights exercises for flabby arms

Lying on your back you will raise your waist while, pressing your thighs and with both arms, you will go up and down the weights from the bottom up for 20 repetitions.

10. Strength with leagues

woman exercises for flaccid arms with garters gif

You will put a garter under your feet slightly apart but firm so that you will not fall. It goes up and down slowly and with great force in each lift. Do this movement for 30 repetitions and rest.