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10 Postures that will help you achieve the perfect photo

10 Trucos de posturas para lucir fantástica en las fotos

Achieving the perfect photo can become a very difficult task, although in the case of the models they know very well how to do it. But what about the rest of the girls? We have to just stop right and put a hand on the hip to get the perfect image.

Fortunately there is always a solution for all our problems. These are 10 positions that will make you look fabulous when you take a picture.

1. Spread your legs a little

Girl posing for a photo with legs slightly apart

It must not be an extreme distance. Try to keep your feet at shoulder height, so your body will feel more balanced and improve your posture.

2. One step forward and one step back

modeling girl

By placing your right leg behind the left you will make both look stylized and elongated. Try to flex your knees slightly, this will make your figure look more tuned. It's just what celebrities do when they are photographed on red carpets.

3. A hand always goes on the hip or waist

Girl posing with a hand on her waist

This is the position that all celebrities choose, in this way they manage to accentuate their waist and find a place to place their hands.

4. Shoulders back

Girl posing with a peasant blouse

Sending the shoulders back so that they join in a straight line with the hips helps improve appearance. But remember not to overdo it, because you can significantly deform your posture.

5. If you are sitting do not cross your legs

girl with crossed legs

If sitting, try to place your legs in parallel and let them go to the side. Forget about crossing them because you will only manage to decompensate your hips and cause unnecessary pain to your back.

6. Standing cross one leg in front of the other

Girl posing for a photograph

But try to do it in the most relaxed way possible, never tense your muscles. This posture will help you stylize the figure and make your body look balanced.

7. Show your back

Girl showing her back

Another of the positions that celebrities prefer on the red carpet is to pose on their backs. Try to do it by throwing your shoulders back slightly and turning your face slightly. Try to show a relaxed posture so that your hips look spectacular.

8. If you use a wallet, hold it with one hand

Girl holding a wallet in hands

This is another method so that your hands are not dancing. You can hold the wallet with both hands to avoid looking rigid, especially when you have one foot crossed.

9. Try to bring the chin to the chest

Girl posing with her head down

But only slightly, in this way you will prevent your neck from looking wider than normal. Always try to make it a natural pose, don't look down and try to make your chin parallel to the ground.

10. Turn your body a little

Girl with her body turned

Do it in a subtle way. This pose slightly sharpens your figure, helps your curves to accentuate and prevents your hips from looking too wide.