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10 perfect rib tattoos for women

10 perfect rib tattoos for women

The ribs is one of the most sensitive places to get tattooed, but it also has a very interesting meaning. Many relate it to the divine creation of women (Eve) having been inspired by a man's rib.

So, indeed, it really hurts to get tattooed there, but it is also worth it for the aesthetic side, they also look extremely feminine and sexy. Here we leave you 15 of the most sensual and interesting options in rib tattoos.

1. A feminine design

tattoo ribs camellia flower

2. Your favorite places

Wave and mountain ribs tattoo

3. The universe in your hands

tattoo ribs hand with flowers

4. The best way to remember something important

tattoo on ribs phrase depends on me

5. The subtlety of a butterfly

tattoo ribs flower and butterfly

6. Is there anything more tender?

Bunny Ribs Tattoo

7. Fly like a sheet of paper

Girl with paper plane and explosion of colors in watercolor

8. To remember a magnificent childhood

Snow White minimalist tattoo on the back

9. Your favorite Disney princess

Minimalist tattoo of Ariel from The Little Mermaid Disney

10. A dandelion in watercolor and a phrase

watercolor dandelion tattoo