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10 night makeup tutorials you should use

Maquillaje de noche tutorial

Surely you already have the dress, the shoes, the hairstyle, the jewelry and even the appointment for your next important event; But you know what makeup will be your best option? Maybe you need to see these beautiful combinations between eye and lip makeup.

Look at these 10 ideas for makeup and make that wedding, party or graduation your best night. These 10 makeup tutorials for a nighttime event will make you a movie star.

1. Smoky eyes are the basics of evening makeup

makeup girl makeup tutorials

2. Purple tones are perfect for brown skin

makeup girl makeup tutorials

3. Experiment with eyeliner in bright colors

makeup girl makeup tutorials

4. Learn to make this glamorous look

makeup girl makeup tutorials

5. A balance between shadows and dark lipsticks

makeup girl with silver arts makeup tutorials

6. Let your black lips be your makeup

makeup girl with golden arts makeup tutorials

7. The glitter is a classic for evening makeup

makeup girl with blue arts blue makeup tutorials

8. An electric blue will never go unnoticed

makeup girl with blue arts makeup tutorials

9. Try this silver with cat eye liner

makeup girl with makeup tutorials arts

10. Impress with this beautiful look Gypsy

eyeshadow look of makeup girl