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10 makeup trends to renew your look in 2017

10 tendencias irresistibles para renovar tu look y recibir el 2017 con estilo

The best New Year's rituals always involve change and renewal, leaving the old behind and receiving with energy all that the new cycle has prepared, so it is common for more than one girl to follow all traditions to the letter. bring love or money closer on the night of December 31.

But in a matter of style and fashion, women who love makeup also maintain this renewal energy and leave behind those trends that, although they fascinated during 2016, are now part of the past. Therefore, we present the 10 best makeup trends to wear the night of the new year 2017.

1. Lipsticks in dark tones

woman with dark lips

2. A "drop" of brightness in the tear

woman with glitter in the tear

3. The sexy style smokey eye in wine colors

woman with wine color makeup

4. Goodbye contourhello sa stripping or tanning strips

woman with blush on the cheeks tutorial

5. Lipsticks in orange tones

woman with orange lips

6. Shadows with many glitters

woman with glitter makeup

7. Join the lip trend with


gloss lips

8. A look natural with matte shades in shades nude

women with nude makeup

9. An irresistible mouth with style gardient lips

tutorial for gardient lips

10. Matte shadows on the upper eyelid and glitter on the lower

woman with glitter on the lower eyelid