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10 makeup secrets to make your eyes more expressive

8 Secretos de maquillaje para hacer tus ojos más expresivos

If you feel that your eyes are small, closed or torn, and sometimes you do not even know how to make them up, you will understand the frustration of not being able to fix your look in a way that looks as natural and beautiful as possible.

There are make-up mistakes that are so small and simple that learning to master them can make a major change. Therefore, we want to leave you 10 makeup secrets to make your eyes look much bigger and more expressive. Remember to have on hand your next makeup “weapons”: a curling eyelash or spoon, a white eyeliner pencil and eye concealer. Let's get started!

1. Learn to make up your eyes according to their shape

types of eyes in women

Learn to recognize your type of eye shape, this way you can make them up in the best way; from the type of false eyelashes you have left, the type of eyeliner that suits you best and the makeup that enhances your eyes most.

2. Create the eyebrow design that best fits your eyes

eyebrow design step by step tutorial

Start by analyzing your look without makeup, the size of your eyes, the distance between them and the shape of your nose. Spaced eyebrows are recommended for flat or round nose, and more together eyebrows for elongated and straight nose.

3. Make up your eyes with a smoky style for greater depth

smokey eyes smokey eyes tutorial

The smoky eye makeup style is a method that is not always recommended for all eyes, especially for those who are a little more jumped out of the basin or torn, Asian style.

4. Use a lipstick nude or a tone close to your skin color

woman takes selfie makeup and nude lips

When you paint your lips with skin tones, what you do is let the first thing that "speak" on your face be your look, so look for a slightly elevated tone to your skin color.

5. Use an eyeliner that enlarges your eyes

Perfect outlined eye makeup tutorial woman

This step is vital, since even experts tend to recommend whether your eyes are small or torn.

6. Curl your eyelashes correctly

woman curling and applying mascara on eyelashes

It is one of the most important details in your look, as it creates a drastic change in your eyes. Remember to use your waterproof mask sparingly, since it is not advisable to use it daily, because in the long run you mistreat your eyelashes.

7. Learn to use the false eyelashes that best fit you

pink false eyelash makeup kit

8. Protect and care for the dark circles

blonde woman with blue eyes and dark circles

There are many tricks to take care of dark circles, and one of them are collagen patches; also frozen tea bags or fresh potato wedges are perfect for those dark circles.

9. Use white eyeliner pencil or pearl at key points

eye makeup with white eyeliner to highlight

The important points where you can highlight your look with white pencil are: the area where the tear begins, a line inside the tear and in the upper arch of your eyebrows to give an extra enhancement.

10. Apply concealer for dark circles correctly

woman applying concealer for dark circles

The correct way to apply the dark circles concealer is in an inverted triangle towards your cheeks, in this way your look naturally highlights.