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10 makeup mistakes that add more years to your face

Errores de maquillaje que te agregan años

We all know that makeup is a tool that gives security and helps us to highlight parts of our face that we like the most; and there are even women for whom the makeup ritual is part of their life, and therefore they do not need a justification as an important event or an appointment.

However, perhaps we had never thought about those “tricks” of makeup that instead of being our best allies become the worst enemies and add years to our image. That's why we leave you these 10 makeup mistakes that you should avoid so as not to add more years to your face.

1. When you use a thick layer of compact powder

woman with black sack pureba makeup error

The compact powder is used exclusively to "seal" your makeup, give it a more natural texture and avoid those areas of shine on your face. When you exceed the dust on your face, you may end up creating “cracks” on your face that in the end look like lines of expression that you probably don't want to have yet. For this problem it is much more advisable to use some mineral or rice powder.

2. If you use too much mascara on the lower lashes

woman long hair and black coat badly painted eyelashes

When you make up each of your lower eyelashes instead of deepening your gaze, you are more likely to end up attracting more eyes towards the small wrinkles of the eyelids, so it is better to be more subtle when you make up the lower eyelashes.

3. Use too much foundation for makeup

long hair woman and black coat with excess makeup

Sometimes, in order to get a matt effect on your skin, it is common to make a mistake and end up with an excess of makeup on your face. Such a thick layer on your skin not only makes an exaggerated tone look, it also accentuates wrinkles or expression marks; so it is best to use a makeup base as light and fluid as possible.

4. When you excess makeup your eyebrows

long hair woman with black coat and big eyebrows

Even with little makeup it is possible to achieve look natural and youthful on your face, taking care of the frame of your look whenever you fix your eyebrows; However, excessive makeup can give your face a careless look, as well as add a couple of years to your look. Preferably use lighter colors to the natural tone of your hair.

5. If you don't usually use concealer in your dark circles

long hair woman with black jacket and dark circles

With age, dark circles are an area that can be most marked; the makeup base, although we don't want to, usually denotes those small spots under your eyes; So a lighter corrective tone to the natural tone of your skin is the solution to rejuvenate your look.

6. Badly blurred lip liner

woman long hair and black coat and poorly painted lips

For large and thick lips that make your smile look even more, we recommend that you never leave the lip liner undamaged, since this will only make them look exaggerated and in a somewhat outdated style; So it is always better to use a lipstick of the same color as your lipstick.

7. When you don't use the lipstick correctly

woman with long black hair and coat and painted lips

Daring to wear strong or bright lip shades can help rejuvenate your look in a minute. If you have small or droopy lips, a deep color in your mouth will give life to your image, and will even achieve an effect of thick and large lips.

8. Eye shadows too dark

woman long hair and black coat and dark shadows

We all love dark shadows on our eyelids, but these are only suitable for night events and special occasions, since in the day the excess of shadow in your eyes hides your eyes more than it should, so we recommend a delicate style with only a little shadow on each end of the eyelid.

9. Use blush in the middle of the cheeks

long hair woman with black coat and blush

You better get rid of those pink and very eye-catching blushers to pay more attention to the blush of light shades in pink or peach; Try applying them to the top of your cheekbones, rather than in the middle of your cheeks. A soft and natural tone will give a more romantic and young touch to your face.

10. Outline your eyes inside

woman with black sack pureba delineated eye error

When you decide to delineate your lower eyelid with black you are more likely to have your eyes look narrower and closed, which gives an old age effect on your eyes. That is why we recommend using a clear eyeliner on the lower eyelid, so that your eyes look much more awake and large.