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10 lessons you only learn from your ‘haters’

Girl with red sweater smiling

They say that in bad weather it is better to put on a good face and although it is not always simple, it is the best we can do for ourselves. Suffer bullying It is painful and leaves difficult wounds but not impossible to heal, and much of the process has a lot to do with how to deal with that experience.

Only those who have been subject to bullies They can understand the emotions caused by unjustified aggression, but there are also those who choose to give their best to sow a seed of peace, love and empathy that helps others acquire life lessons that they only obtained through their haters.

1. You know self love

Girl with red sweater smiling

For years they made you believe that you were the ugliest, weirdest and dumbest person on the planet. But it's a lie. You stopped believing them, and at some point along the way you found yourself, you accepted yourself and discovered the wonderful and unique person you are.

2. Discover your strength

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Things may have been different, but it is impossible to reverse. Luckily your life is no longer that, not even you are the same person; the experiences led you to strengthen your temper, to demand respect, to stand firm in your convictions and in your thoughts.

3. Your empathy levels increase

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You never know the impact you can have on the lives of others, but you have lived it in your own flesh. That's why you take care of your actions, avoid toxic people and share with others all the positivity in you.

4. You learn to forgive

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Holding a grudge or planning a rematch is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Live the present in the best way and leave the past behind; It's the best you can do for your mental health.

5. It's all about attitude

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We cannot choose the situations we live in, but we do have the best attitude to face them. Facing the worst situations with a smile on your face regardless of the opinion of others is the best thing you can do to fight the haters.

6. Avoid judging others

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You learned to listen more and talk less before giving an opinion. You also discovered that the only opinion that really matters is what you have for yourself, what others say about you is irrelevant.

7. You choose to be kind

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If you have to choose between being right and being kind, you choose to be kind. You learned that leaving a mark on other people's lives is more valuable than winning a disagreement and that is your way of sowing the seed of change.

8. You know everything happens

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When you are reborn strongly from the ashes, you discover that everything is temporary and that although there are gray days, the sun rises at the right time.

9. You are the support network of others

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It is true that those who witness and remain silent contribute to the harassment. You are not willing to be an accomplice, so denounce and help others to face their haters With courage and love.

10. You respond from self love

In spite of how cruel you were haters, you send them your best vibes because in your heart there is no room for resentment.

In addition, you know perfectly who you are, where you are going, and that you do not need the validation of others to show your curves, express yourself, do what you are passionate about and be yourself at every moment, because in the end only you define your destiny.