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10 ideas that look great! 【2019】 Hairdressing Blog

The wicks are contributing to the world of aesthetics a variety of shades and colors that are striking. The DATES give your hair a unique and original style, In recent years they have been very popular.

The white color was not used as much as now, as they saw it as a symbol of old age and fatigue. But that way of thinking change, now it is one of the most beautiful and attractive colors and they are very fashionable

Meet the best hairstyles Wicks
: 10
ideas that look great
Y is it so

It is a very nice style, but to get white hair requires many processes and investments. Wicks have been used since the 40s and in the 50s the coloring of hair became fashionable.

But without nuances or reflections, contemporary wicks arrived in the 70s. Wicks of any color were made in 2000 and in 2013 reflections were born of different colors

white Californians

To get the result you want you must place a lot of
, you must let your hair rest in each application.
You must also use moisturizing treatments so that the hair fiber does not
It weakens so that it is not repaired. Reduce the use of the dryer and the iron
in order to keep the white color that you want so much. If you do so you will see yourself

White wicks to hide the
white hair

Women who wish to hide gray hair can use
this option, to achieve this you must hit an updated cut. Then tea
you do the
Dates white and thin, so you will confuse your
gray hair, finally you must have a monthly treatment. For gray hair to
grow not noticeable so much, this trend enhances beauty

White Wicks Dark Hair

Dark hair looks more like Dates white but
It takes a lot of work to get the desired target. In addition to using
Colorant 40 volume hydrogen peroxide is needed to clarify each
hair fiber until it reaches white. It is a technique that will make you look different

White wicks in blond hair

This design is a challenge, it requires a lot of patiencebefore
to make the white wicks you have to bleach hair. For get
the desired blond
and then it becomes discolored again to make the Dates

white With this design you will see how renewed

White Wicks Short Hair

Women with short hair look great with Dates
White and are easier to do. Use less products, its drying is more
and best of all, you won't suffer from having tips

White wicks in long hair

Women with long hair can wear the Dates
White with both loose and collected hair. This design stand out
the natural beauty of women with long hair
remember that later
of process. You must touch up your roots so that the Dates they look beautiful

White wicks in men

Mature men use this design to look more attractive

and give more volume and light to your hair. Now not only mature men, but
Men of different ages use this model to look more elegant.
Even soccer players have used Dates white

Balayage white wicks

This technique can be used. in any woman, long hair or
short and any color
. This type of wicks originates in France,
by the beginning of the 90s it became fashionable. Many use it to give more
volume and shine to your hair. With this beautiful design you can look more your face

White Wicks

These DATES are the best option to look beautiful
and elegant
If you want to change your look this is the perfect trend.
This new design fits any woman, but it also requires a lot
care and treatment to look attractive

White wicks on a natural basis

Not to damage your natural base you need 10 hydrogen peroxide,
since this is only used to give the color. After placing the bleach
you must not leave it more than 10 minutes, finally wash and dry it. Do not forget
use Matting Shampoo, and give it monthly treatment so that the result is
successful and you look dazzling